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Wastewater Treatment Systems Market

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  • Published : May-2019  |  
  • Region : Global  |  
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  • Publisher : Research Cosmos

Wastewater Treatment Systems Market Size

As per the recent market research report, the market for wastewater treatment technologies had an estimated value of US $ 5,342.73 million in 2017 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.00% over the forecast period (2018-2023)

Wastewater Treatment Systems Market Overview:

Wastewater treatment technology deals with the removal of impurities from water during its use or storage and converts it into a usable form. The wastewater treatment system is highly recommended for residential complexes and industries. Population growth and urbanization result in the production of a large amount of recyclable wastewater, as a result, the need for water treatment technology increases. The corrosion and scale inhibitor segment dominates the world market. Asia Pacific is estimated to lead the market over the forecast period

Growth Opportunities, Challenges and Restraints of Wastewater Treatment Systems Market:

Water resources are running out, leaving many opportunities for the wastewater treatment technology market. Strong government regulations for the disposal of industrial and municipal wastewater are driving the growth of the water treatment technology market in terms of recycling and reuse procedures. Although water is the main need, the cost of water is also important, which ultimately leads to the demand for cost-effective technologies for water treatment. However, population growth has a significant impact on this market. Population growth and urbanization result in the production of a large amount of recyclable wastewater; As a result, water treatment technology can convert the maximum amount of wastewater into a usable form, which promotes market growth. Overall, the impact of these factors is expected to increase significantly with increasing awareness of the use of clean water and the recycling of water to cope with depleted water resources.

The main restrictions imposed on the market are the high cost of equipment and the lack of experience in this sector. However, it is expected that these restrictions will be reduced with technological advances and vigorous research and development in this sector, thus developing highly efficient and low-cost water treatment technologies on the market.

Geographical Insights of Wastewater Treatment Systems Market:

Asia Pacific is estimated to lead the world market over the forecast period. It is expected that economic performance will unite in China in the coming years through large-scale investments in technology and research. China is fundamentally changing the country's wastewater supply and sanitation scenario to overcome many challenges, including economic disparity between urban and rural populations and increasing urbanization. Europe was the second largest regional market in terms of turnover, with a market share of over 26.0% in 2016.

Few of the Key Players dominating the Wastewater Treatment Systems Market Profiled in the Report are:

  • Dow Water & Process Solutions
  • Suez Environment S.A.
  • 3M
  • The Dow Chemical Company
  • Kemira Oyj
  • Orenco Systems, Inc.
  • Scinor Water America, LLC
  • Xylem, Inc.
  • Pentair Plc
  • ITT Inc.
  • Evoqua Water Technologies Corporation
  • United Utilities Group Plc
  • King span Environmental Ltd
  • Bio-Microbics, Inc.
  • Trojan Technologies Inc
  • Kurita Water Industries Ltd.
  • Veolia Environment S.A.
  • Calgon Carbon Corporation
  • Aqua tech International Corporation
  • Asio, Spol. S R.O

Wastewater Treatment Systems Market – By Pumping Water

  • Pumps
  • Valves and Controls
  • Automation Systems

Wastewater Treatment Systems Market – By Chemicals

  • Coagulants and Flocculants
  • Defoamers
  • Corrosion and Scale Inhibitors
  • Activated Carbon
  • Biocides
  • Others

Wastewater Treatment Systems Market – By Application

  • Municipal
  • Industrial

Wastewater Treatment Systems Market – By Region

  • North America                                                

    • United States                               
    • Canada                                         

  • Europe                                                                                  

    • United Kingdom                                           
    • Germany                                      
    • France                                          
    • Italy                               
    • Spain                                             

  • Asia-Pacific                                                     

    • China                                            
    • India                                             
    • Japan                                            
    • South Korea                                 

  • Latin America                                                                             

    • Brazil                                            
    • Argentina                                     
    • Mexico                                          

  • Middle-East & Africa                                                      

    • Middle-East
    • Africa

  1. Introduction                                                                       
  2. Research Methodology                                                                     

    1. Analysis Design                                               
    2. Research Phases                                                             

      1. Secondary Research                                    
      2. Primary Research                                        
      3. Expert Validation                                         

    3. Study Timeline                                                

  3. Overview                                                                           

    1. Executive Summary                                                        
    2. Key Inferences                                                 
    3. New Developments                                                        

  4. Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, And Challenges Analysis (DROC)                                                              

    1. Wastewater Treatment Systems Market Drivers                                                
    2. Wastewater Treatment Systems Market Restraints                                                           
    3. Key Challenges                                                
    4. Current Opportunities in The Wastewater Treatment Systems Market                                                              

  5. Wastewater Treatment Systems Market Segmentation                                                                      

    1. By Pumping Water

      1. Pumps
      2. Valves and Control
      3. Automation Systems
      4. Wastewater Treatment Systems Market Estimates & Forecasts, By Function, 2023       
      5.  Year on Year Growth Rates, By Type, 2023       
      6. Wastewater Treatment Systems Market Attractiveness Index, By Function, 2023

    2. By Chemicals

      1. Coagulants and Flocculants
      2. Defoamers
      3. Corrosion and Scale Inhibitors
      4. Activated Carbon
      5. Biocides
      6. Others
      7. Wastewater Treatment Systems Market Estimates & Forecasts, By Function, 2023       
      8.  Year on Year Growth Rates, By Type, 2023       
      9. Wastewater Treatment Systems Market Attractiveness Index, By Function, 2023

    3. By Application

      1. Municipal
      2. Industrial
      3. Wastewater Treatment Systems Market Estimates & Forecasts, By Function, 2023       
      4.  Year on Year Growth Rates, By Type, 2023       
      5. Wastewater Treatment Systems Market Attractiveness Index, By Function, 2023

  6. Geographical Analysis

    1. North America Wastewater Treatment Systems Market

      1.  Introduction                                
      2.  The United States Wastewater Treatment Systems Market                              
      3.  Canada Wastewater Treatment Systems Market

    2. Europe Wastewater Treatment Systems Market

      1.  Introduction                                
      2.  United Kingdom Wastewater Treatment Systems Market                                          
      3.  Germany Wastewater Treatment Systems Market                                    
      4.  France Wastewater Treatment Systems Market                                        
      5.  Italy Wastewater Treatment Systems Market                             
      6.  Spain Wastewater Treatment Systems Market

    3. Asia-Pacific Wastewater Treatment Systems Market

      1.  Introduction                                
      2.  China Wastewater Treatment Systems Market                                         
      3.  India Wastewater Treatment Systems Market                                          
      4.  Japan Wastewater Treatment Systems Market                                         
      5.  South Korea Wastewater Treatment Systems Market
      6. Rest of Asia Pacific Wastewater Treatment Systems Market

    4. Rest of The World

      1. Brazil Wastewater Treatment Systems Market
      2. South Africa Wastewater Treatment Systems Market
      3. Saudi Arabia Wastewater Treatment Systems Market
      4. United Arab Emirates Wastewater Treatment Systems Market
      5. Others Wastewater Treatment Systems Market

  7. Strategic Analysis                                                              

    1. Pestle Analysis                                               

      1. Political                                         
      2. Economic                                     
      3. Social                                           
      4. Technological                               
      5. Legal                                            
      6. Environmental                                              

    2. Porter’s Five Analysis                                                      

      1. Bargaining Power of Suppliers                                    
      2. Bargaining Power of Consumers                                 
      3. Threat of New Entrants                               
      4. Threat of Substitute Products and Services                                
      5. Competitive Rivalry Within the Industry            

    3. Supply Chain Analysis

      1. Raw Material Suppliers
      2. Manufacturers/Producers
      3. Distributors/Retailers/Wholesalers/E-Commerce
      4. End Users      

  8. Wastewater Treatment Systems Market Leaders' Analysis                                                                  

    1. Dow Water & Process Solutions

      1. Overview                                      
      2. Product Analysis                                          
      3. Strategic Evaluation and Operations                                           
      4. Financial Analysis                                         
      5. Legal Issues                                  
      6. Recent Developments                                 
      7. Swot Analysis                                             
      8. Analyst View

    2. Suez Environment S.A.
    3. 3M
    4. The Dow Chemical Company
    5. Kemira Oyj
    6. Orenco Systems, Inc.
    7. Scinor Water America, LLC
    8. Xylem, Inc.
    9. Pentair Plc
    10. ITT Inc.
    11. Evoqua Water Technologies Corporation
    12. United Utilities Group Plc
    13. King span Environmental Ltd
    14. Bio-Microbics, Inc.
    15. Trojan Technologies Inc
    16. Kurita Water Industries Ltd.
    17. Veolia Environment S.A.
    18. BASF SE
    19. Calgon Carbon Corporation
    20. Aqua-tech International Corporation
    21. Asio, Spol. S R.O

  9. Competitive Landscape                                                                     

    1. Wastewater Treatment Systems Market Share Analysis                                                    
    2. Merger and Acquisition Analysis                                                     
    3. Agreements, Collaborations and Joint Ventures                                                            
    4. New Product Launches                                                   

  10. Expert Opinions                                                                

    1. Wastewater Treatment Systems Market Outlook                                                             
    2. Investment Opportunities                                                            

  11. Appendix                                                                

    1. List of Tables                                                     
    2. List of Figures   

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