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Time Warner Inc. Company Profile - Overview, History, SWOT Analysis, Products/Services, Facts, Financials, Key Executives, Competitors, Tech Intelligence, IT Outsourcing, IT Management, Recent Developments and Strategy Evaluation

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Time Warner, Inc. (Time Warner or "the company") is one of the leading media and entertainment companies, offering cable networks, premium pay and basic tier television (TV) services, feature films, home video, and videogame production and distribution services. The company primarily operates in the US, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific Rim and other regions.

The company operates through three reportable segments: Warner Bros, Turner, and Home Box Office (HBO).

Warner Bros. is a TV and film studio involved in the production, distribution and licensing of TV programming and feature films; the distribution of digital and physical home entertainment products; and the production and distribution of videogames and consumer product and brand licensing. The company is the producer of primetime series in TV, for the US broadcast networks and licenses its US programming in over 190 countries. In the US, the company produces and distributes its TV programming for initial airing on broadcast and basic cable TV networks, premium pay TV and subscription video on demand (SVOD) services and other OTT services and local television stations. The company's programming includes scripted TV series produced by Warner Bros. TV and Warner Horizon TV; reality-based non-scripted TV series produced by Warner Horizon TV; and first-run syndication series produced by Telepictures Productions. It also offers animated television programming and original made-for-home entertainment animated releases produced by Warner Bros. Animation; and short-form live-action series and animated programming for digital platforms produced by Blue Ribbon Content. In addition, the company licenses its feature films to broadcast and cable networks, SVOD services and other OTT services and premium pay TV services after eight to 11 months of their theatrical release. At the end of FY2015, Warner Bros.' licensed more than 900 feature films and over 3,000 hours of feature film programming to television networks, premium pay television services and SVOD and other OTT services.

In international markets, Warner Bros. licenses rights to exhibit feature films and original TV series to TV networks, premium pay and basic tier TV services, SVOD services, free video on demand (VOD) services and other digital services. During FY2015, Warner Bros. licensed thousands of hours of programming, dubbed or subtitled in more than 90 languages, to international distributors in more than 190 countries.

Time Warner's Warner Bros. produces and distributes a range of films, under its Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema banners. The company produces most of the films under co-financing arrangements, with Village Roadshow Pictures, and RatPac-Dune Entertainment (RatPac-Dune). Internationally, Warner Bros. produces and distributes both English language and local language films for theatrical exhibition in more than 125 territories worldwide. In FY2015, Warner Bros. released internationally 22 English-language films and 24 local-language films that it either produced itself or acquired from other companies.

The company's home entertainment business distributes film and TV content in physical and digital formats. Warner Bros. licenses its newly released feature films as well as films from its library and its TV content for viewing digitally online and on mobile platforms in the US and internationally to electronic sell-through (EST) and transactional VOD services. In addition, the company’s digital initiatives include UltraViolet.

Warner Bros. videogames segment develops, publishes, and distributes video games, including mobile and console games. The videogames are based on intellectual property owned or licensed by Warner Bros. (including DC Entertainment). Warner Bros. also licenses Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment properties for videogames to other companies.

The Turner business segment consists of domestic and international cable TV networks and related properties which offer entertainment, sports, kids and news programming on TV and digital platforms. This segment is operated by Turner Broadcasting System, a subsidiary of the company. The company operates more than 180 channels globally. In the US, its networks and related properties include TNT, TBS, Adult Swim, truTV, Turner Classic Movies (TCM), Turner Sports, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, CNN and HLN. Turner's digital properties include and the CNN digital network. The company’s portfolio of brands and digital businesses reaches consumers in more than 200 countries other than the US.

Turner provides its programming through cable system operators, satellite service distributors, telephone companies and other distributors (affiliates) and is available to subscribers of the affiliates for viewing on TV, through streaming online and on mobile devices and on demand on TV. Turner's programming is also available through SVOD services and other OTT services. Turner's digital properties include its own websites and websites that Turner manages and/or operates for others. Turner's CNN digital network is the news destination and Turner's Bleacher Report is the digital sports destination that provides the team-specific sports content and real-time event coverage and cross platform programming and marketing opportunities. The other websites of Turner include,, and Digital properties that Turner manages and/or operates for others include, NBA Mobile,, NCAA March Madness Live and Turner's digital properties averaged approximately 115 million average monthly domestic multi-platform unique visitors during FY2015.

In the US, Turner provides original series, acquired series and movies, sports, classic film and reality programming. The company's entertainment networks include TNT, TBS, Adult Swim, truTV and Turner Classic Movies (TCM). TNT offers content on drama, sports and network premiere motion pictures; TBS is engaged in offering comedies, original series, sports and acquired TV series and movies; and Adult Swim offers original and syndicated animated and live-action comedy programming. In addition, truTV focuses on entertainment programming targeted at adults and TCM is a commercial-free network that offers interviews, original documentaries, specials and regular programming events.

Turner owns and operates regional entertainment networks, outside the US, providing a variety of programming such as motion pictures and series, documentaries, fashion and lifestyle content, music videos, sports and travel. In Latin America, Turner owns and operates regional entertainment networks, including Esporte Interativo, Glitz, HTV, I-Sat, Infinito, MuchMusic and Space. In addition, Turner operates Chilevision, a free-to-air TV in Chile; and Esporte Interativo, a Brazilian linear television channel and streaming service that airs sports programming, including programming from South American and European soccer leagues. The company also operates several regional entertainment networks in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Turner sports produces sports programming and content for TNT, TBS and truTV networks and related digital properties and Turner's kid programming is operated through Cartoon Network and Boomerang, which offer original, acquired and classic animated and live-action entertainment for the kids in the US and international territories. In international territories, Turner's kids networks operates as Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Tooncast in Latin America; BOING, Boomerang, Cartoon Network and Cartoonito in Europe and the Middle East; and Boomerang, Cartoon Network, POGO and Toonami in Asia.

Cable News Network (CNN) is the cable TV news service that offers worldwide breaking-news and political coverage. CNN Worldwide had a portfolio of more than 20 news and information services across cable, satellite, radio, wireless devices and the Internet in more than 200 countries, in FY2015. Headline News (HLN) is a CNN Worldwide network that offers news, information, videos and talk shows.

Time Warner's HBO segment consists principally of premium pay TV services and the HBO NOW streaming domestically and premium pay, basic tier TV services and streaming services internationally. The company also provides home entertainment and content licensing. At the end of FY2015, HBO had approximately 49 million domestic premium pay subscribers and approximately 82 million international premium pay and basic tier TV service subscribers and broadband-only subscribers.

HBO's US programming includes dramatic and comedy series, HBO films, mini-series, boxing matches, other sports programming, documentaries and music specials. The company also licenses older films from major studios and independent distributors both domestically and internationally. The programming on HBO GO and MAX GO includes most seasons of HBO's and Cinemax's original series, as well as feature films, HBO mini-series and films, sports programming, documentaries, comedy and music specials, bonus features and behind-the-scenes extras. The company distributes its original programming in physical and digital formats and licenses of original programming to SVOD services and international television networks. HBO- and Cinemax-branded premium pay, basic tier television and streaming services are distributed in over 60 countries in Latin America, Asia and Europe. HBO also licenses programs to TV networks and SVOD services in over 150 countries, including arrangements under which it licenses programming to TV networks that are branded as the "Home of HBO" in countries such as the UK, Australia, France, Germany and Israel and as "HBO Canada" in Canada. Also, Sky Atlantic owns exclusive rights to air HBO programming in Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy and the UK until 2020, and Bell Media owns exclusive rights to distribute HBO programming across linear, on-demand and streaming platforms in Canadian territories.

Time Warner also holds interest in companies that operate broadcast networks. The company holds approximately 49% voting interest and approximately 76% economic interest in Central European Media Enterprises (CME), a broadcasting company that operates leading television networks in Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Romania, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia. The CW is a 50-50 joint venture between Warner Bros. and CBS. The CW programming is also available for streaming through SVOD services. The CW also operates CW Seed, a digital-only platform for original and acquired comedy series that is available for streaming online and on mobile devices and the original series are available on

Scope of the Report

-- About the Company - Historical Details, Current Ownership Structure and basic overview of Time Warner Inc. in terms of revenue, net income, and operating income.

-- Financials - Details about Time Warner Inc. listing status, annual financial reports (for the past 5 years), key financial highlights and region wise and category wise breakdown of their net revenue.

-- Products / Services - Listing of the company’s entire portfolio along with description of individual products / services providing a clear picture of their target audience.

-- Company SWOT Analysis - Outlines Time Warner Inc.’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities and threats facing the company.

-- Recent Developments - Showcases Time Warner Inc.’s recent developments including mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, collaborations, new product launches, investment and divestment plans.

-- Strategic Evaluation - Provides an overview of Time Warner Inc.’s corporate goals and strategic initiatives and evaluates their outcomes along with outlining any persisting legal issues and outlook of our in-house analyst panel on the particular company.

-- Technology Landscape - Details how the company allocates its IT budget across the core areas of its business, CIO/CTO Profile, Key IT Initiatives and Deals undertaken buy the company at present along with outlook.

Key Questions Answered

-- What domain does Time Warner Inc. operate and what are key points about it?

-- What is the product / service portfolio of Time Warner Inc.?

-- How has Time Warner Inc. performed financially from the 2013?

-- How does Time Warner Inc. rank among its peers in terms of revenue and market share?

-- What are Time Warner Inc. strengths and weaknesses and what opportunities and threats does it face?

-- What are Time Warner Inc.’s main growth strategies and how successful has the company been at implementing them?

-- What is the in-house technical capability of Time Warner Inc.? Where does it procure / outsource it?

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1. About the Company

1.1 History and Basic Facts

1.2 Ownership Structure and Key Executives

1.3 Head Office

1.4 Other Locations & Subsidiaries

1.5 List of Competitors

1.6 Employee Count & Distribution

2. Financials

2.1 Company Type (Listed / Unlisted)

2.2 Annual Statements

2.3 Key Financial Highlights

2.4 Region-wise Breakdown

3. Product / Services

3.1 Overview

3.2 Description

4. SWOT Analysis

4.1 SWOT Overview

4.2 Strengths

4.3 Weaknesses

4.4 Opportunities

4.5 Threats

5. Recent Developments

5.1 Mergers & Acquisitions

5.2 Partnerships, Collaborations & Joint Ventures

5.3 New Product Launches

5.4 Business Expansion / Divestment

6. Strategic Evaluation

6.1 Corporate Strategy

6.2 Legal Issues

6.3 Analyst Outlook

7. Technology Landscape

7.1 Industry

-- 7.1.1 Industry Snapshot

-- 7.1.2 IT Spend

-- 7.1.3 Key Information Technology Trends

7.2 Company

-- 7.2.1 IT Overview

-- 7.2.2 Key IT Technologies

-- 7.2.3 Recent IT Initiatives

-- 7.2.4 IT Outsourcing Engagements

-- 7.2.5 Key IT Management

-- 7.2.6 CIO/CTO Profile


-- Methodology

-- About Us

-- Contact Us

-- Disclaimer

Fig.1: Company Snapshot

Fig.2: Locations Listing on Map

Table.1: Ownership Structure

Table.2: List of Competitors

Table.3: Annual Statements

Table.4: Key Financial Highlights

Table.5: Region-wise Breakdown

Table.6: Product/Services Overview

Table.7: Mergers & Acquisitions

Table.8: Partnerships, Collaborations & Joint Ventures

Table.9: New Product Launches

Table.10: Business Expansion / Divestment

Table 11: IT Budgets

Table 12: Key IT Management (CIO / CTO)

Table 13: IT Deals undertaken in the past years

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