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The Dow Chemical Company Company Profile - Overview, History, SWOT Analysis, Products/Services, Facts, Financials, Key Executives, Competitors, Tech Intelligence, IT Outsourcing, IT Management, Recent Developments and Strategy Evaluation

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The Dow Chemical Company (Dow or 'the company') is a diversified, worldwide manufacturer and supplier of products used primarily as raw materials in the manufacture of customer products and services. It services customers in approximately 175 countries in sectors such as packaging, electronics, water, coatings and agriculture. The company manufactures more than 7,000 products at 189 sites in 34 countries across the globe. Dow operates through six business segments: performance plastics; performance materials and chemicals; infra-structure solutions; agricultural sciences; and consumer solutions. The performance plastics segment consists of Dow Elastomers; Dow Electrical and Telecommunications; Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics; and Energy and Hydrocarbons. The segment also includes the results of The Kuwait Styrene Company, and The SCG-Dow Group as well as a portion of the results of EQUATE Petrochemicals Company, The Kuwait Olefins Company, Map Ta Phut Olefins, and Sadara Chemical Company, all joint ventures of Dow. The segment offers elastomers, plastomers, ethylene propylene diene monomer elastomers (EPDMs), wire and cable insulation products, semi-conductive and jacketing compound solutions, bio-based plasticizers, acrylics, polyethylene, low-density polyethylene (LDPE), polyolefin emulsions, polyolefin plastomers, LDPE, linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), and high-density polyethylene (HDPE). It also includes products including power, steam and other utilities; ethylene, propylene, benzene, butadiene, octene, aromatics co-products, and crude C4. As of December 31, 2016, the performance plastics segment recorded revenues of $18,404 million, an increase of 0.3% as compared to FY2015. The performance materials and chemical segment is comprised of three businesses: chlor-alkali and vinyl; industrial solutions and polyurethanes. The chlor-alkali and vinyl business provides chlorine and caustic soda supply and integration for the company's polyurethanes business. It also includes the marketing of caustic soda, a valuable co-product of the chlor-alkali manufacturing process, and ethylene dichloride and vinyl chloride monomer, essential for the production of polyvinyl chloride. The industrial solutions business is engaged in the manufacturing of the world’s goods and services with additive solutions that minimize friction and heat in mechanical processes, manage the oil and water interface, deliver active ingredients for maximum effectiveness, facilitate dissolvability and provide the foundational building blocks for the development of chemical technologies. The business supports industrial manufacturers associated with virtually all end-markets, notably electronics, agricultural chemicals, engine/heavy equipment, coatings, adhesives and inks, and detergents and cleaners. Also, the polyurethanes business comprises of four businesses: isocyanates, polyols, polyurethane systems and propylene oxide/propylene glycol (PO/PG). The propylene oxide is produced using the chlorohydrins process as well as by hydrogen peroxide to propylene oxide manufacturing technology. The performance materials and chemicals segment recorded revenues of $9,225 million in FY2016, a decrease of 23% as compared to FY2015. Dow's infra-structure solutions segment is comprised of a portfolio of businesses utilizing advanced technology to deliver products such as architectural and industrial coating applications, building insulation, adhesives, microbial protection for the oil and gas industry, and water technologies. The segment of Dow consists of four global businesses, namely, Dow building and construction, Dow coating materials, energy and water solutions, and performance monomers. The infrastructure solutions segment also includes a portion of the company's share of the results of Dow Corning, a joint venture that manufactures silicone and silicone products, which is owned 100% by Dow. The Dow building and construction business is comprised of two divisions: Dow building solutions and Dow construction chemicals. It includes the rigid and spray foam insulation; weatherization, waterproofing and air sealing; caulks and sealants; elastomeric roof coatings; exterior insulation finishing systems; roof tiles and siding; industrial non-wovens; cement-based tile adhesives; plasters and renders; tape joint compounds; and concrete additives. The Dow coating materials business manufactures and delivers solutions that leverage high quality, technologically advanced product offerings for architectural paint and coatings, as well as industrial coatings applications, including paper, leather, concrete, wood, automotive, maintenance and protective industries. It includes acrylic binders for architectural paint and coatings, industrial coatings, and paper; dispersants; rheology modifiers; opacifiers and surfactants for both architectural and industrial applications; protective and functional coatings. The energy and water solutions business comprises of four businesses, Dow microbial control; Dow oil, gas and mining; Dow solar; and Dow water and process solutions. Dow microbial control provides technology used to predict, diagnose and solve the microbial challenges while Dow oil, gas and mining provides energy to the world and customized solutions for tapping both conventional and unconventional sources. Dow solar provides building-integrated photovoltaics and enables energy solutions in the infrastructure market sector. The performance monomers business produces monomer products that are sold externally as well as consumed internally as building blocks used in downstream polymer businesses. The business' products are used in several applications, including dispersions and emulsions for adhesives, coatings, inks, woven and non-woven textiles, plastics and polymers and superabsorbent products. The business includes super absorbents, water treatment, flocculants and detergents, acrylic sheets, coatings, inks and paints, molding compounds, impact modifiers, processing aids, electronic displays, adhesives, textiles, automotive and architectural safety glass, and plastics additives. The infra-structure solutions segment recorded revenues of $8,621 million in FY2016, an increase of 16.6% as compared to FY2015. The agricultural sciences segment provides crop protection and seed/plant biotechnology products and technologies, urban pest management solutions and healthy oils. The business invents, develops, manufactures and markets products for use in agricultural, industrial and commercial pest management, and food service. The key products, including crop application, are insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, seeds and other products. The company’s sales and marketing organization partners with distributors, independent retailers and growers, cooperatives and agents throughout the world. The agricultural sciences segment recorded revenues of $6,174 million in FY2016, a decrease of 3.2% as compared to FY2015. The consumer solutions segment consists of three global businesses: consumer care, Dow automotive systems and Dow electronic materials. These global businesses develop and market customized materials using advanced technology and unique chemistries for specialty applications, including semiconductors and organic light-emitting diodes, adhesives and foams used by the transportation industry, and cellulosics and other polymers for innovative pharmaceutical formulations and food solutions. These businesses serve the needs of market segments as diverse as: automotive; electronics and entertainment; food and pharmaceuticals; and, personal and home care products. The consumer care business provides global and regional brand owners in food, pharmaceutical, personal care and home care markets with formulations and ingredients designed to add value to their products. The Dow home, institutional and personal care solutions consists of personal care, home care and specialty applications with key focus on hair care, skin care, sun care, cleansing, as well as, fabric, dish, floor, hard surface and air care applications. The Dow pharma and food solutions include pharmaceutical products, food and nutrition. The SAFECHEM is a service business responsible for the sustainable and innovative use of solvents. The Dow automotive systems provide collaborative solutions and advanced materials for original equipment manufacturers, tier suppliers, aftermarket customers and commercial transportation manufacturers. The business involves in technologies, materials engineering, testing and service support along with structural, elastic and rubber-to-substrate adhesives; composite materials technologies; polyurethane foams and acoustical management systems; and films and fluids. The performance solutions include performance plastics, fluids and polyurethane foam solutions. In addition, Dow electronic materials consists of a broad range of consumer electronics including smartphones, tablets, television monitors and personal computers, as well as electronic devices and systems used in a variety of industries. The business produces materials for chemical mechanical planarization (CMP); materials used in the production of electronic displays, including films, filters and organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs); metalorganic precursors for light-emitting diodes (LEDs); products and technologies that drive leading-edge semiconductor design; materials used in the fabrication of printed circuit boards; and integrated metallization processes for metal finishing and decorative applications. The consumer solutions segment recorded revenues of $5,455 million in FY2016, an increase of 24.6% as compared to FY2015. Besides its business segments, Dow also generates revenue through activities covered under the corporate activities. Dow's corporate business includes certain enterprise and governance activities (including insurance operations, geographic management, risk management such as foreign currency hedging activities, audit fees, donations, company branding initiatives, etc.); the results of Ventures (including business incubation platforms and non-business aligned joint ventures); environmental operations; gains and losses on the sales of financial assets; severance costs; non-business aligned litigation expenses (including asbestos-related defense costs and reserve adjustments); and, foreign exchange results. The corporate segment recorded revenues of $279 million in FY2016, a decrease of 5.1% as compared to FY2015. Geographically, the US, Dow's largest geographical market, accounted for 34.5% of the total revenues in FY2016. Revenues from the US reached $16,637 million in FY2016, a decrease of 1.1% as compared to FY2015. Europe, Middle East, Africa and India (EMEA) accounted for 30.5% of the total revenues in FY2016. Revenues from Europe, Middle East, Africa and India reached $14,667 million in FY2016, a decrease of 4.1% as compared to FY2015. Rest of World accounted for 35% of the total revenues in FY2016. Revenues from rest of World reached $16,854 million in FY2016, an increase of 1.1% as compared to FY2015.

Scope of the Report

-- About the Company - Historical Details, Current Ownership Structure and basic overview of The Dow Chemical Company in terms of revenue, net income, and operating income.

-- Financials - Details about The Dow Chemical Company listing status, annual financial reports (for the past 5 years), key financial highlights and region wise and category wise breakdown of their net revenue.

-- Products / Services - Listing of the company’s entire portfolio along with description of individual products / services providing a clear picture of their target audience.

-- Company SWOT Analysis - Outlines The Dow Chemical Company’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities and threats facing the company.

-- Recent Developments - Showcases The Dow Chemical Company’s recent developments including mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, collaborations, new product launches, investment and divestment plans.

-- Strategic Evaluation - Provides an overview of The Dow Chemical Company’s corporate goals and strategic initiatives and evaluates their outcomes along with outlining any persisting legal issues and outlook of our in-house analyst panel on the particular company.

-- Technology Landscape - Details how the company allocates its IT budget across the core areas of its business, CIO/CTO Profile, Key IT Initiatives and Deals undertaken buy the company at present along with outlook.

Key Questions Answered

-- What domain does The Dow Chemical Company operate and what are key points about it?

-- What is the product / service portfolio of The Dow Chemical Company?

-- How has The Dow Chemical Company performed financially from the 2013?

-- How does The Dow Chemical Company rank among its peers in terms of revenue and market share?

-- What are The Dow Chemical Company strengths and weaknesses and what opportunities and threats does it face?

-- What are The Dow Chemical Company’s main growth strategies and how successful has the company been at implementing them?

-- What is the in-house technical capability of The Dow Chemical Company? Where does it procure / outsource it?

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1. About the Company

1.1 History and Basic Facts

1.2 Ownership Structure and Key Executives

1.3 Head Office

1.4 Other Locations & Subsidiaries

1.5 List of Competitors

1.6 Employee Count & Distribution

2. Financials

2.1 Company Type (Listed / Unlisted)

2.2 Annual Statements

2.3 Key Financial Highlights

2.4 Region-wise Breakdown

3. Product / Services

3.1 Overview

3.2 Description

4. SWOT Analysis

4.1 SWOT Overview

4.2 Strengths

4.3 Weaknesses

4.4 Opportunities

4.5 Threats

5. Recent Developments

5.1 Mergers & Acquisitions

5.2 Partnerships, Collaborations & Joint Ventures

5.3 New Product Launches

5.4 Business Expansion / Divestment

6. Strategic Evaluation

6.1 Corporate Strategy

6.2 Legal Issues

6.3 Analyst Outlook

7. Technology Landscape

7.1 Industry

-- 7.1.1 Industry Snapshot

-- 7.1.2 IT Spend

-- 7.1.3 Key Information Technology Trends

7.2 Company

-- 7.2.1 IT Overview

-- 7.2.2 Key IT Technologies

-- 7.2.3 Recent IT Initiatives

-- 7.2.4 IT Outsourcing Engagements

-- 7.2.5 Key IT Management

-- 7.2.6 CIO/CTO Profile


-- Methodology

-- About Us

-- Contact Us

-- Disclaimer

Fig.1: Company Snapshot

Fig.2: Locations Listing on Map

Table.1: Ownership Structure

Table.2: List of Competitors

Table.3: Annual Statements

Table.4: Key Financial Highlights

Table.5: Region-wise Breakdown

Table.6: Product/Services Overview

Table.7: Mergers & Acquisitions

Table.8: Partnerships, Collaborations & Joint Ventures

Table.9: New Product Launches

Table.10: Business Expansion / Divestment

Table 11: IT Budgets

Table 12: Key IT Management (CIO / CTO)

Table 13: IT Deals undertaken in the past years

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