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The Connected World Leaders- Leading M2M and IoT vendors - June 2017 Edition

  • ID : 1700465813  |  
  • Published : Jun-2017  |  
  • Region : Global  |  
  • Pages : 206   |  
  • Publisher : Westward Research

The Connected World Leaders- Leading M2M and IoT vendors - June 2017 Edition report provides an overview of the capabilities of the leading M2M/IoT services providers globally, comprising of Telcos and technology vendors. The report provides information regarding the key capabilities and focus area for the Connected World Service providers globally. The report primarily aims to provide information regarding the major developments globally.


Profile of leading Vendors offering M2M/IoT services

Profile of leading Telcos offering M2M/IoT services

Product Initiatives & Enhancements

Partnerships & Alliances

Contract Wins

Mergers & Acquisitions

Table 1: Applications & Benefits of M2M/IoT Services across Verticals

Table 2: M2M/IoT & Mobile Connection of Leading Telcos

Table 3: Vodafone IoT solutions portfolio

Table 4: Vodafone M2M/IoT Partners

Table 5: AT&T M2M/IoT Starter kit SIM plan details

Table 6: Telefonica IoT Offerings and Solutions

Table 7: Singtel M2M Services offerings

Table 8: Etisalat IoT Offerings

Table 9: STC Fleet Control Offerings

Table 10: STC’s M2M SIMs and Usage Cases across various industries

Table 11: STC’s M2M SIMs and Features

Table 12: Ooredoo M2M tariff plans

Table 13: VIVO M2M Package details

Table 14: Entel Bolivia M2M Plan Corp GPRS / EDGE Service

Table 15: Entel Bolivia Corporate Service GPRS / EDGE and SMS M2M Plan based on Lines

Table 16: Entel Bolivia M2M Data IP Plans Service

Table 17: Entel Bolivia M2M Plans Corp. GPRS / EDGE Service: Unlimited Corporate WIN

Table 18: Telecom Italia M2M Data Packages

Table 19: Telecom Italia M2M Smart Basic and Optional Profile Package details

Table 21: COSMOTE M2M Plan Offering details

Table 20: Entel Chile M2M Offerings

Table 21: Maxis IoT mPOS Price Plans

Table 22: Maxis M2M mDrive Price Plans

Table 23: Turkcell Team Mobile M2M Price plans based on number of lines

Table 24: Turkcell Smart Fleet Mobile M2M Price plans based on number of lines

Table 25: Turkcell POS Tracking M2M Price plans based on number of lines

Table 26: KDDI Module Remote Management Service Charges

Table 27: Partner and Alliances of Tele2

Table 28: NTT DoCoMo IoT Use Case and Solution Offerings

Table 29: Telstra IoT Data Plans

Table 30: Telenor M2M/IoT Industry offerings and applications

Figure 1: M2M World Alliance coverage map

Figure 2: Bridge Alliance partnering members

Figure 3: Vodafone IoT Engagement Model

Figure 4: AT&T Control Center

Figure 5: AT&T Security Solution Measures for IoT

Figure 6: Telefonica IoT Connectivity Hub

Figure 7: Singtel’s M2M SIM System Architecture diagram

Figure 8: Swisscom M2M Connectivity Management Platform

Figure 9: KT’s GiGA IoT Makers Platform and services delivery framework

Figure 10: KDDI Module Remote Management Service working model

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