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South Africa Multiplay Offerings Market Report 2017 | Industry Analysis, Trends and Market Overview

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  • Published : Jan-2018  |  
  • Region : Middle East and Africa  |  
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  • Publisher : BIS Report Consulting

South Africa: 4G Expansion and Fiber Deployment Creates Opportunities for Multiplay Offerings

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South Africa will remain one of the largest telecom service revenue markets in the AME region in 2016, generating estimated revenue of $9.2bn. Going forward, we expect the telecom services revenue in South Africa to decline at a CAGR of -2.4% in USD during 2016-2021, due to local currency depreciation. However, in local currency, the revenue is expected to expand by 3.3%, due to increasing uptake of mobile and fixed data services. Operators are investing in upgrading their network infrastructure, including the expansion of 4G services and rollout of fiber networks across the country.

Key Findings

- The overall telecom service revenue in South Africa is estimated to generate $9.2bn in 2016 and is estimated to decline at a CAGR of -2.4% during 2016-2021.

- Mobile revenue will account for 75.6% of the total telecom revenue in 2021.

- The South Africa telecom market will be dominated by Vodacom and MTN South Africa. Operators will continue to invest in fixed and mobile networks focusing on network expansion to roll out next-generation technologies to stay competitive.

1. Executive summary

2. Market and competitor overview

3. Regional context

4. Economic, demographic and political context

5. Regulatory environment

6. Demand profile

7. Service evolution

8. Competitive landscape

9. Major market players

10. Segment analysis Mobile services

11. Fixed services

12. Pay-TV

13. Identifying opportunities

14. Overall market opportunities

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