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Pet Imaging In Japan | Forecast Report 2017

  • ID : 917537449  |  
  • Published : May-2016  |  
  • Region : Asia Pacific  |  
  • Pages : 72   |  
  • Publisher : Black Swan Analysis

This report provides information on the current Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanner and cyclotron install base in Japan. Along with the current known number of PET scanners and cyclotrons in Japan, the report also contains a detailed breakdown of this equipment by year of installation, manufacturer, model, specific location and current utilization. The future market utility for the PET scanner and cyclotron market is also estimated to the year 2020.

In Japan PET scanners were introduced in the 1990’s and the PET cancer screening program was first investigated in 1994, becoming fully established in 2002. This program promoted the widespread use of PET machines and the number of PET facilities in Japan has remarkably increased over the last decade. Currently, Japan is the only country in which PET scans are widely used for cancer screening and has the second largest after the USA, in number of PET scanners.

Providing a value-added level of insight from the analysis team , an introduction on PET imaging is given, as well as information on:

• The utilization of PET and the development of the PET modality over time in the Japan market

• Current Japan healthcare system and reimbursement for PET imaging

• Market evolution and future developments

This report is built using a combination of data and information sourced from the expertise within the Analyst team, customer surveys, equipment manufacturer surveys and an audit of FDA approved PET scanners and F18 radio-isotope cyclotron manufacturing sites.

Reason to buy

• A helpful aid in gauging the imaging capacity for future treatments, such as in the case of Alzheimer’s disease, where patients will require a PET scan prior to the start of treatment

• Deliver a realistic study sizing plan for any clinical trial that requires patients to have a PET scan prior to treatment

• Gain an understanding of the current players in the PET scanner and cyclotron markets

• Gain further insight into the evolution of PET scanners and cyclotrons over time

• Provide a level of understanding on current national PET scanner provision and the potential headroom and market capacity for future utilization

• Identify specific locations in Japan that currently has a PET scanner or cyclotron

• Delivery of detailed information on year of installation, manufacturer and model type of specific PET scanners and cyclotrons

• Insight into the different therapeutic areas, such as oncology, that utilize PET scanners

• Information regarding the development of new tracers and future PET technology

• Glossary of Terms

• Japan Market Summary

• Introduction to PET

o What is PET Imaging?

o How are PET radiopharmaceuticals manufactured?

o How is PET Imaging Used?

 Oncology

 Cardiology

 Neurology


o Introduction

 Health Care System in Japan

o Development of PET

 History of PET

 PET Activity in Japan

o Reimbursement

o Current provision

 Cyclotrons

 PET Market

 Static PET Scanners

o Utilization of PET

o Market Evolution

 Cyclotrons & PET Scanners

 Japan Research & PET Scanning

o PET Demand and Provision Forecast

• Future Developments in the PET Market

o Cyclotrons & Manufacturing

o PET Scanning Technology

o Development of New Tracers

 Oncology

 Cardiology

 Neurology

• Methodology

• Potential Sources of Error

• References

• Appendix

• Glossary of Terms

• Half-life of commonly used positron emitters

• Key Facts Japan

• Malignant diseases covered by public medical insurance for screening

• PET scanner installation by manufacturer type, Japan

• Japan PET scans 2007 & 2012

• Annual scanning capacity of different PET machines and PET hybrids

• Assumptions on the estimated number of doses produced by cyclotrons per annum

• Details and Customer Locations of Cyclotrons in Japan

• Locations and Models of Scanners in Japan

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