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  • ID : 876925409  |  
  • Published : Feb-2017  |  
  • Region : Asia Pacific  |  
  • Pages : 400   |  
  • Publisher : Enincon Consulting LLP

Analysing Domestic and International Coal Outlook

India is in the early stages of major transformation, and country’s GDP is expected to grow by 7.9% in 2016 (as per World Bank), more than twice the global average. Economic growth and modernization will turn drive energy demand, especially coal. In this dossier, enincon carried out most exhaustive and qualitative research accompanied by in depth analysis to find out future market scenario for steel, sponge iron, power and other coal consuming sectors in order to find out coking and non coking coal demand in the country by 2022. Further, by meticulously examining the dynamics involved in coal imports, best coal rich destinations have been benchmarked taking into consideration prevailing and upcoming infrastructure, regulatory and policy environment, investment scenario etc. This dossier shall help in strategic decision making for all the key value chain players and stakeholders

With the sentiments set all high for ramping up the domestic coal production in India, the target of achieving 1 Billion Tonnes by 2020 was a master stroke played by the government for consoling the end consumers way back in 2014. Following the move, significant improvements were also seen in increasing the domestic output of coal as well to which, increase of 14% witnessed in the total coal production from FY’2013-14 to FY’2015-16 bears a testimony. It is pertinent to note during this span about 73 MTs of addition has been achieved in the total coal output of the country, making it to reach 639 MTs as on March’2016. Further, to reduce the degree of import dependence of the country it is anticipated that the domestic coal production might cross the benchmark of 700 MTs during 2016-17.

Key Queries Resolved

What is the likely impact on coal imports with govt. focusing more on boosting domestic production?

Which coal rich country may become India’s next import destination?

What will be the regulatory and policy outlook for domestic/imported coal in India?

What will be the Demand – Supply dynamics of coking/non coking coal by 2022?

What will be the imported coking/non coking coal dynamics of India by 2022?

How renewable capacity addition going to impact coal production?

What is the future role of India in global coal trade?

Could India significantly reduce its coal imports and under what conditions?

What will be the fate of Coal industry in near future?

Contents and Coverage

Domestic Coal Fields and Mining in India

Indian Domestic Coal Demand Supply Dynamics 2022

Cost Dynamics of Coal Mining in India

Logistics of Domestic Coal in India

Coal Washing in India

Major Imported Coal Destinations for India

Imported Coal Demand Supply Dynamics 2022

Price Analysis of Imported Coal

Quality Adjusted Price Benchmarking of Indian and International Coal

Domestic Coal Asset Track

Overseas Coal Asset Track

India’s Deal and Contracts in International Market

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