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India Medicinal Plant Extract Market Outlook 2022 | Trends and Developments

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  • Published : Jan-2017  |  
  • Region : Asia Pacific  |  
  • Pages : 90   |  
  • Publisher : RNCOS

The Indian Medicinal Plant Extract Market is witnessing an astonishing growth, as there has been a shift in universal trend from synthetic to herbal medicine. India is a virtual treasure trove of plant species, and has one of the world’s richest medicinal plant heritages. Medicinal Plants are highly esteemed all over the world as a rich source of therapeutic agents for the prevention of diseases and ailments. Owing to its wide range of medicinal uses, the Indian Medicinal Plant Extract market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 22% during 2017-2022. As a result, of increased investments as well as significant demand of medicinal extract in internationals markets, there lies immense opportunity for new and existing players to tap the fast growing market which would garner huge revenue.

In the latest research study “Indian Medicinal Plant Extract Market Outlook 2022”, RNCOS’ analysts have conducted a segmented research on the Indian Medicinal Plant Extract industry, and have interpreted the key market trends & developments that clearly highlight the areas offering promising possibilities for industries to boost their growth. Indian Medicinal Plant Extract market is rapidly growing over the years owing to factors like shift in consumers demand towards herbal and natural product, various schemes launched by government, key investment & expansions being made in the Indian medicinal plant extract industry, among others.

In this report, the analysts have studied the medicinal plant extract market on segment basis, by both type and by application. The type-wise medicinal plant extract section provides an insight about the various type of plant extract available and their potential medicinal uses, whereas the application-wise medicinal plant extract section provides an in-depth analysis of the various herbal plant extracts being used in Ayurveda, Homoeopath and Cosmetics along with their medicinal benefits.

Further, the report covers the potential growth analysis of the medicinal plant extract industry; cost estimation for setting up a plant, which includes machinery, land, raw materials, utilities cost among others; along with the profitability and break-even analysis. The report also covers the regulatory environment of the Indian Medicinal Plant Extract market.

Besides, the report covers the profiles of key players like Arjuna Natural Extract Limited, Vidya Herbs, etc. along with their business overview, product portfolio and recent activities, providing a comprehensive outlook of Indian Medicinal Plant Extract industry. Overall, the report provides all the pre-requisite information for clients looking to venture in this industry, and facilitate them to formulate schemes while going for an investment/partnership in the industry.

1. Analyst View

2. Research Methodology

3. Plant Extract - An Introduction

4. Key Market Trends and Drivers

4.1 Companies Expanding their Extraction Capacity

4.2 Government Initiatives Driving the Growth

4.3 Medicinal Plant Extracts Breakthroughs in Treating Infectious Diseases

4.4 Increasing Demand of Indian Medicinal Extracts in International Market

5. Medicinal Plant Extract Market Forecast to 2022

5.1 By Type

5.1.1 Herbal Extracts

5.1.2 Phytochemicals

5.1.3 Spices

5.1.4 Essentials Oils

5.2 By Application Area

5.2.1 Ayurvedic

5.2.2 Homoeopathic

5.2.3 Cosmetics

6. Potential Growth Analysis of Plant Extract

6.1 Ayurvedic Medicine

6.2 Herbal Cosmetics

7. Manufacturing Process and Cost Analysis

7.1 Raw Materials

7.2 Machinery for Manufacturing Plant

7.3 Cost Estimation for Plant Setup

7.3.1 Fixed Capital

7.3.2 Recurring Cost

8. Regulatory Environment

9. Competitive landscape

9.1 Dabur India Ltd.

9.1.1 Business Overview

9.1.2 Product Portfolio

9.2 Himalaya Herbals

9.2.1 Business Overview

9.2.2 Product Portfolio

9.3 Arjuna Natural Extract Limited

9.3.1 Business overview

9.3.2 Product Portfolio

9.4 Vidya Herbs

9.4.1 Business Overview

9.4.2 Product Portfolio

9.5 Indfrag

9.5.1 Business Overview

9.5.2 Product Portfolio

9.6 Kancor

9.6.1 Business Overview

9.6.2 Product Portfolio

List of Tables:

Table 5-1: Key Herbal Plants for Medicinal Use

Table 5-2: Key Phytochemicals for Medicinal Use

Table 5-3: Key Spices Extract for Medicinal Use

Table 5-4: Key Essential Oil for Medicinal Use

Table 9-1: Dabur India - Product Portfolio

Table 9-2: Himalaya Herbals - Product Portfolio

Table 9-3: Arjuna Natural Extract Limited - Product Portfolio

Table 9-4: Vidya Herbs - Product Portfolio

Table 9-5: Indfrag - Product Portfolio

Table 9-6: Kancor - Product Portfolio

List of Figures:

Figure 5-1: Medicinal Plant Extract Market (Billion INR), 2015-2022

Figure 5-2: Medicinal Plant Extract Market by Type (%), 2016

Figure 5-3: Herbal Extract Market (Billion INR), 2015-2022

Figure 5-4: Phytochemicals Market (Billion INR), 2015-2022

Figure 5-5: Spices Extract Market (Billion INR), 2015-2022

Figure 5-6: Essential Oil Extract Market (Billion INR), 2015-2022

Figure 5-7: Medicinal Extract Market by Application (%), 2016

Figure 5-8: Extract Market for Ayurvedic Products (Billion INR), 2015-2022

Figure 5-9: Extract Market for Homeopathic Products (Billion INR), 2015-2022

Figure 5-10: Extract Market for Cosmetics Products (Billion INR), 2015-2022

Figure 6-1: Ayurvedic Medicine Market (Billion INR), 2015-2022

Figure 6-2: Herbal Cosmetics Market (Billion INR), 2015-2022

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