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India M-Wallet Market Outlook 2022 | Trends and Developments

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  • Published : Jan-2017  |  
  • Region : Asia Pacific  |  
  • Pages : 70   |  
  • Publisher : RNCOS

The Indian m-wallet industry has reported a tremendous growth in the recent years, and is presenting ample opportunities to the industry players. With favorable demographics and rising awareness, Indian m-wallet market is poised to scale newer acmes. Moreover, introduction of novel m-wallet services, benefits and entry of new players, are further set to boost the market’s growth.

The latest research by RNCOS titled, “Indian M-Wallet Market Forecast 2022”, unfolds the market dynamics of the m-wallet market. In the report, the Indian mobile payment industry has been split into three distinct services viz.: m-pos, mobile Banking and m-wallet, depicting their current and future outlook to 2022. The m-wallet market is further divided into different services, with each segment scrutinized in detail. The report identifies and highlights the segments that offer the maximum opportunity for growth in the Indian market.

Our industry analysts studied all the facets of the Indian m-wallet market to portray a crystal clear picture of the current as well as the expected market outlook. Major drivers and trends have been identified that will act as catalysts towards boosting the industry’s growth, along with roadblocks hindering the market growth. The study also delves into the regulatory environment affecting the m-wallet services of different companies.

It further highlights how demonetization has benefitted the m wallet market, as well as the competitive landscape of the Indian m-wallet market describing the business, financials, strengths and weaknesses, and recent developments of major industry players. This will help the reader to gain crucial insight into the key market players’ performances and strategies for growth. Holistically, the research provides all the pre-requisite information for clients looking to make a debut in this industry, and facilitates them to formulate schemes while going for an investment/partnership in the Indian m-wallet industry.

1. Analyst View

2. Research Methodology

3. Indian Economic Overview

4. Current Scenario of Non-cash Payment Transactions

5. India Mobile Payment Overview

5.1 Mobile Payment Transaction Volume

5.2 Mobile Payment Transaction Value

5.3 Mobile Payment Segmentation (Mobile Banking, Mobile POS, M-wallet)

6. India M-wallet Industry Outlook 2022

6.1 Revenue Generation Model of M-wallet Companies

6.2 M-wallet Transaction Volume

6.3 M-wallet Transaction Value

6.4 By Type of Services

6.5 Market Size

7. Industry Drivers

7.1 Rise in Mobile Internet Users

7.2 Rise in Usage of Smartphones

7.3 Growth of E-commerce Industry

7.4 Huge Benefits at Online and Offline Stores

7.5 Ease & Convenience

8. Industry Roadblocks

8.1 Consumer Mindset

8.2 Competition from Debit/Credit Cards

9. Trends & Developments

9.1 Introduction of M-wallets for Basic Phone Users

9.2 Technology Companies Entering in M-wallet Business

9.3 Launch of Unified Payments Interface (UPI)

9.4 Entry of New Players in the Market

9.5 M-wallet Enables Short Term Credit

9.6 Increasing Merchant Tie-Ups

9.7 M-wallet Enables Banking Services via Social Network

10. Regulatory Landscape

10.1 RBI Guidelines

10.2 M-wallet Regulatory Approval in India

11. Competitive Analysis of Top Industry Players

11.1 Market Share of Major Players

11.2 Company Profiles

11.2.1 Paytm

11.2.2 Mobikwik

11.2.3 ITZ Cash

11.2.4 Oxigen

11.2.5 Vodafone M-Pesa

11.2.6 Airtel Money

List of Tables:

Table 3-1: Economic Overview (2009-2016)

Table 6-1: Types of Prepaid Instrument (M-wallet) at Glance

Table 6-2: Leading M-wallet Players and their User Base (Million), 2016

Table 9-1: Leading M-wallet Players and their Tie-ups with Merchants

Table 11-1: Paytm - Key Facts & Figures

Table 11-2: Paytm - Strengths and Weaknesses

Table 11-3: Mobikwik - Key Facts & Figures

Table 11-4: Mobikwik - Strengths and Weaknesses

Table 11-5: ITZ Cash - Key Facts & Figures

Table 11-6: ITZ Cash - Strengths and Weaknesses

Table 11-7: Oxigen - Key Facts & Figures

Table 11-8: Oxigen - Strengths and Weaknesses

Table 11-9: M-Pesa - Key Facts & Figures

Table 11-10: M-Pesa - Strengths and Weaknesses

Table 11-11: Airtel Money - Key Facts & Figures

Table 11-12: Airtel Money - Strengths and Weaknesses

List of Figures:

Figure 4-1: Breakup of Non-Cash Payment Transaction Value by Type of Transaction (%), FY 2017

Figure 4-2: Breakup of Non-Cash Payment Transaction Volume by Type of Transaction (%), FY 2017

Figure 5-1: Transaction Volume of Mobile Payment (Billion), FY 2016 to FY 2022

Figure 5-2: Transaction Value of Mobile Payment (INR Trillion), FY 2016 to FY 2022

Figure 5-3: Mobile Payment by Segment (%), FY 2017

Figure 6-1 Transaction Volume of M-wallet (Billion), FY 2016 to FY 2022

Figure 6-2: Transaction Value of M-wallet (INR Billion), FY 2016 to FY 2022

Figure 6-3: M-wallet Market by Type of Services (%), FY 2017

Figure 6-4: M-wallet Market (INR Billion), FY 2016 to FY 2022

Figure 7-1: Mobile Internet Subscribers (Million), 2012-2016

Figure 7-2: Smartphone Shipments (Million), 2010-2016

Figure 11-1: Share of Major Players in M-wallet Market (%), FY 2017

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