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Endometriosis In 10 Major Markets | Forecast Report 2015-2025

  • ID : 749858623  |  
  • Published : Sep-2015  |  
  • Region : Global  |  
  • Pages : 36   |  
  • Publisher : Black Swan Analysis

Epidemiology Series Forecast Report on Endometriosis in 10 Major Markets

Endometriosis is a gynaecological condition where tissue that normally behaves like the lining of the womb (endometrium) is found outside the womb. These pieces of tissue are commonly found on the ovaries and the lining of the pelvis behind the uterus. This is a chronic condition that causes heavy periods, lower abdominal pain and can cause fertility issues.

This report provides the current prevalent population for Endometriosis across 10 Major Markets (USA, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Brazil, India, Australia and Canada) by 5-year age cohort. Along with the current prevalence, the report provides an overview of the stages, locations and the prevalence of associated disorders of Endometriosis. The report also contains a disease overview of the risk factors, disease diagnosis and prognosis along with specific variations by geography and ethnicity.

Providing a value-added level of insight from the analysis team , several of the main symptoms and co-morbidities of Endometriosis have been quantified and presented alongside the overall prevalence figures. These sub-populations within the main disease are also included at a country level across the 10-year forecast snapshot.

Main symptoms and co-morbidities for Endometriosis include:

• Infertility

• Pelvic Pain

• Fibroids

• Ovarian cysts

This report is built using data and information sourced from the proprietary Epiomic patient segmentation database. To generate accurate patient population estimates, the Epiomic database utilises a combination of several world class sources that deliver the most up to date information form patient registries, clinical trials and epidemiology studies. All of the sources used to generate the data and analysis have been identified in the report.

Reason to buy

• Able to quantify patient populations in global Endometriosis’s market to target the development of future products, pricing strategies and launch plans.

• Gain further insight into the prevalence of the subdivided types of Endometriosis and identify patient segments with high potential.

• Delivery of more accurate information for clinical trials in study sizing and realistic patient recruitment for various countries.

• Provide a level of understanding on the impact from specific co-morbid conditions on Endometriosis’s prevalent population.

• Identify sub-populations within Endometriosis which require treatment.

• Gain an understanding of the specific markets that have the largest number of Endometriosis patients.

• Introduction

• Cause of the Disease

• Risk Factors and Prevention

• Diagnosis of the Disease

• Variation by Geography /Ethnicity

• Disease Prognosis and Clinical Course

• Key Co-Morbid Conditions / Features Associated with the Disease

• Methodology for Quantifications of Patient Numbers

o Additional data available on request

• Top-Line Prevalence for Endometriosis

• Staging of Endometriosis

o Endometriosis by Stage

o Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis by Stage

o Location of Endometriosis

• Co-morbid Conditions Associated with Endometriosis

o Pain-related Complications of Endometriosis

o Infertility and Pelvic Related Conditions of Endometriosis

o Cardiac and Respiratory Conditions in Endometriosis

• Abbreviations used in the report

• Other Black Swan Analysis Publications

• Black Swan Analysis Online Patient-Based Databases

• Patient-Based Offering

• Online Pricing Data and Platforms

• References

• Appendix

• ASRM Revised Classification of Endometriosis. Scoring of abnormalities of the peritoneum, ovary and fallopian tubes

• ASRM Stage Classification of Endometriosis

• Prevalence of Physician-diagnosed Endometriosis, females (000s)

• Prevalence of Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis, females (000s)

• Endometriosis patients by stage, females (000s)

• Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis by Stage, females (000s)

• Location of Endometriosis, females (000s)

• Pelvic Pain in Endometriosis patients, females (000s)

• Dyspareunia in Endometriosis patients, females (000s)

• Dysmenorrhea in Endometriosis patients, females (000s)

• Migraine in Endometriosis patients, females (000s)

• Intestinal Complaints of Endometriosis patients, females (000s)

• Urinary Complaints of Endometriosis patients, females (000s)

• Endometriosis-related Infertility, females (000s)

• Endometriosis-related Ovarian Cancer, females (000s)

• Ovarian Cysts in Endometriosis patients, females (000s)

• Presence of Fibroids in Endometriosis patients, females (000s)

• Asthma in Endometriosis patients, females (000s)

• Mitral Valve Prolapse in Endometriosis patients, females (000s)

• Abbreviations and Acronyms used in the report

• USA Prevalence of Endometriosis by 5-yr age cohort, females (000s)

• France Prevalence of Endometriosis by 5-yr age cohort, females (000s)

• Germany Prevalence of Endometriosis by 5-yr age cohort, females (000s)

• Italy Prevalence of Endometriosis by 5-yr age cohort, females (000s)

• Spain Prevalence of Endometriosis by 5-yr age cohort, females (000s)

• United Kingdom Prevalence of Endometriosis by 5-yr age cohort, females (000s)

• Brazil Prevalence of Endometriosis by 5-yr age cohort, females (000s)

• India Prevalence of Endometriosis by 5-yr age cohort, females (000s)

• Australia Prevalence of Endometriosis by 5-yr age cohort, females (000s)

• Canada Prevalence of Endometriosis by 5-yr age cohort, females (000s)

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