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Digital Transformation and Telcos : The Journey for the Next Generation Leadership - June 2017

  • ID : 1750705529  |  
  • Published : Jun-2017  |  
  • Region : Global  |  
  • Pages : 28   |  
  • Publisher : Westward Research

“Digital Transformation and Telcos -The Journey for the Next Generation Leadership” June-2017 Edition report provides an overview of the Digital Transformation, opportunities, adoption and deployment trend based on survey conducted.

Salient Features of the Report and Key Finding included:

1. The report provides an overview and brief summary of the current scenario of Digitalization initiative across various telcos based on the inputs received from more than 25 telcos globally for the survey conducted by Westward Research in February 2017. The survey inputs was received from 60+ respondents. The respondents included C-level executives of major telcos.

2. The report includes the summarized version of the key findings from the survey which addressed key questions prime motive for becoming digital, current level of digitalization and expected level in 2020, major constraints for digitalization adoption, expected revenue from digitalization etc.

3. More than 25% of the respondents expect their company to earn more than 20% from digital services in 2017.

4. Around 90% of the telcos expect Digitalization across various verticals by 2020.

Budget allocation for Digitalization is the prime inhibitor as per 41% of the respondents, whereas 45% of the respondents expect digitalization on increase efficiency.

5. The report also includes a summarized description of digitalization across 3 major telcos namely SK Telecom, Telefonica and Orange.

1. Overview

2. Digital Transformation Engagement and Transformation Model

3. Digital Transformation Framework Constituents

4. Digital strategy identification and benefits

5. Key aspects for pursuing Digital Transformation Approach

6. Digital Communication Ecosystem

7. Key Focus Areas for Digital Transformation in Telecom

8. Key Inhibitors for Digital Change Driver for Telcos

9. Benefits of Digital Transformation for Telcos

10. How Telcos can leverage the benefits of Digital Transformation

11. Market Opportunity for Telcos through Digitalization

12. Telcos still deprived of the value generated through Digital Transformation

13. Digital Transformation initiatives of select telcos

14. Leading Telcos adopting Digital Transformation

15. Leading Vendors Facilitating Digital Transformation

16. Survey Findings

17. Conclusion

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