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Dental Sealants Market

Dental Sealants Market Analysis - By Technology (Water- Based, Solvent- Based, Radiation- Based, Others), By Material (Dual Cured, Light Cured, Self-Cured), By Application (Denture Bonding Agents, Pit & Fissure Sealants, Orthodontic Bonding Agents, Luting Cements, Dental Surgical Tissue Bonding), By Product Type (Natural, Synthetic), Geography (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa) – Industry Size, Share, Trends and Growth Forecast to 2025

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  • Published : Jul-2019  |  
  • Region : Global  |  
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  • Publisher : Research Cosmos

Dental sealants market is steadily growing from the past decade and is deemed to have huge growth opportunities in the forecast time span. Prevention of tooth decay through treatment procedures is deliberated by dental sealants. The tooth becomes weak along with the age and starts decaying because of food and bacteria stick to the pits in between teeth. Dental sealants are placed in the pits and create a smooth surface and make easy to clean the teeth. Back teeth will have fissures which are fixed by these materials and reduce the effects of tooth decay. Now a day children are at higher risk of tooth decay and are treated with dental sealants when the molar teeth come through.

Market Dynamics of Dental Sealants:

The aging of the population is one of the major drivers of the dental sealants market worldwide. In 2018, there were 912 million people aged 60 or older in the world and this number is expected to increase by 50% by 2025.The rise in disposable income and the growing awareness about dental health are also fuelling the market demand.

There are several challenges associated with healing dental health problems with aging, such as root and coronal caries, dry mouth, periodontitis, etc.

Growing incidences of dental issues across the world along with the rising population is one of the major factors accelerating the demand of the market. The rise in the number of training institutes is also fueling the growth of the market to the extent.

However, the cost for treatment procedures is a little high due to fluctuations in the availability of raw materials are restraining the growth of the market. Rapid changes in technology may have a negative impact on the dental sealants market.

Increasing support from the government in launching various schemes is surging growth opportunities for the market. Also, growing investments in the healthcare center from both private and public organizations are gradually developing chances for the market to grow.

Regional Analysis of Global Dental Sealants Market

The global market for dental sealants can be classified in the regions of North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and others based on geography. Among them, North America and Europe occupied the first place in market share, and Asia-Pacific was the most profitable and encouraging vicinity to promote oral hygiene in its emerging countries. North America has dominated the market for dental sealants in global settings and represents more than 40% of the world market share, where the largest market is concentrated in the United States. About two-thirds of Americans seek dental care regularly and others have difficulty accessing the dental care the interest of people for oral hygiene and health care is increasing and investments are being made in the health sector to develop intelligent infrastructures and extend existing ones. These factors are expected to drive the constant growth of the market for dental sealants during the forecast period.

It is expected that increased awareness and healthcare spending in countries such as India and China will generate attractive market opportunities in Asia Pacific (APAC) dental practice. It also has the highest percentage of people over 65 years of age. The demand for these sealers in the APAC region is growing significantly in countries like India and China, mainly due to the growth of the population and economic growth.

Middle East and Africa is anticipated to have enormous growth rate in the near future with the rise in the awareness over the treatment for tooth decay.

Companies leading the Global Dental Sealants Market profiled in the report are:

  1. 3M
  2. Henkel AG & Co. KGaA
  3. Den-Mat Holdings, LLC
  4. Dentsply Sirona
  5. Dux Industries, Inc.
  6. Tricol Biomedical
  7. Johnson Services, Inc.
  8. Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
  9. Sybron Dental Specialties
  10. Smith & Nephew
  11. Zimmer Biomet
  12. Nobel Biocare Services AG.
  14. Dentsply Sirona Inc
  15. Procter & Gamble
  16. GlaxoSmithKline plc.
  17. DETAX Ettlingen
  18. Ultradent Products Inc.
  19. KaVo Dental

The Research Report segments the Global Dental Sealants Market into the following submarkets:

Dental Sealants Market Analysis - By Technology

  • Water- Based
  • Solvent- Based
  • Radiation- Based
  • Others

Dental Sealants Market Analysis – By Material

  • Dual Cured
  • Light Cured
  • Self-Cured

Dental Sealants Market Analysis – By Application

  • Denture Bonding Agents
  • Pit & Fissure Sealants
  • Orthodontic Bonding Agents
  • Luting Cements
  • Dental Surgical Tissue Bonding

Dental Sealants Market Analysis – By Product Type

  • Natural
  • Synthetic

Dental Sealants Market Analysis – By Region

  • North America

    • US.
    • Canada
    • Mexico

  • South America

    • Brazil
    • Argentina
    • Rest of South America

  • Europe

    • Germany
    • France
    • United Kingdom
    • Italy
    • Spain
    • Russia
    • Turkey
    • Belgium
    • Netherlands
    • Switzerland
    • Rest of Europe

  • Asia-Pacific

    • Japan
    • China
    • South Korea
    • India
    • Australia
    • Singapore
    • Thailand
    • Malaysia
    • Indonesia
    • Philippines
    • Rest of Asia-Pacific

  • Middle East & Africa

    • South Africa
    • Egypt
    • Saudi Arabia
    • United Arab Emirates
    • Israel
    • Rest of Middle East & Africa

Key takeaways from the report:

  • Analysis of the current and future trends and growth potential of the market during the forecast period
  • Evaluate market potential in terms of growth rates (CAGR), Value (USD) and Volume (Units) sales at country level across various segments of the market
  • Understand the market dynamics and key influencers in terms of driving factors and opportunities of the market. Also, restraints and challenges that the industry has to endure
  • Insights on competitor performance with a benchmarking analysis of their market position, financials and more
  • Profiles of key market players providing a comprehensive understanding of their product portfolio, SWOT analysis, and growth strategies
  • Information on key events in the recent past which includes mergers & acquisition, new product launches, collaborations, deals, and other agreements
  • Analysis of the supply-demand gap, import-export statistics, and other key market insights for more than 20 countries globally
  • Gauge the competition in the industry with Porter's five force analysis understanding the threat from new entrants and substitute products.
  • Understand the effects of macro-level environment factors through the PESTLE analysis, providing a detailed assessment of the external factors that have an impact on the industry

  1. Introduction                                                                       
  2. Research Methodology                                                                     

    1. Analysis Design                                               
    2. Research Phases                                                             

      1. Secondary Research                                    
      2. Primary Research                                        
      3. Expert Validation                                         

    3. Study Timeline                                                

  3. Overview                                                                           

    1. Executive Summary                                                        
    2. Key Inferences                                                 
    3. New Developments                                                        

  4. Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, and Challenges Analysis (DROC)                                                              

    1. Dental Sealants Market Drivers                                                
    2. Dental Sealants Market Restraints                                                           
    3. Key Challenges                                                
    4. Current Opportunities in the Dental Sealants Market                                                             

  5. Dental Sealants Market Segmentation                                                                      

    1. By Technology

      1.  Water-Based
      2.  Solvent-Based
      3.  Radiation-Cured
      4.  Dental Sealants Market Estimates & Forecasts, by Function, 2017-2022       
      5.  Year on Year Growth Rates, by Type, 2017-2022       
      6.  Dental Sealants Market Attractiveness Index, by Function, 2017-2022       

    2. By Material

      1. Dual Cured
      2. Light Cured
      3. Self-Cured

    3. By Application

      1. Denture Bonding Agents
      2. Pit & Fissure Sealants
      3. Orthodontic Bonding Agents
      4. Luting Cements
      5. Dental Surgical Tissue Bonding

    4. By Product Type

      1. Natural
      2. Synthetic

  6. Geographical Analysis                                                                      

    1. North America Dental Sealants Market                                            

      1. Introduction                                  
      2. United States Dental Sealants Market                               
      3. Canada Dental Sealants Market                                         

    2. Europe Dental Sealants Market                                                       

      1. Introduction                                 
      2. United Kingdom Dental Sealants Market                                           
      3. Germany Dental Sealants Market                                     
      4. France Dental Sealants Market                                         
      5. Italy Dental Sealants Market                             
      6. Spain Dental Sealants Market                                          

    3. Asia-Pacific Dental Sealants Market                                                  

      1. Introduction                                 
      2. China Dental Sealants Market                                         
      3. India Dental Sealants Market                                            
      4. Japan Dental Sealants Market                                          
      5. South Korea Dental Sealants Market                               

    4. Latin America Dental Sealants Market                                                  

      1. Introduction                                 
      2. Brazil Dental Sealants Market                                           
      3. Argentina Dental Sealants Market                                    
      4. Mexico Dental Sealants Market                                        

    5. Middle-East & Africa Dental Sealants Market                                                      

      1. Introduction                                 
      2. Middle-East Dental Sealants Market                                 
      3. Africa Dental Sealants Market                                           

  7. Strategic Analysis                                                              

    1. PESTLE analysis                                                

      1. Political                                        
      2. Economic                                     
      3. Social                                           
      4. Technological                               
      5. Legal                                             
      6. Environmental                                             

    2. Porter’s Five analysis                                                      

      1. Bargaining Power of Suppliers                                    
      2. Bargaining Power of Consumers                                  
      3. Threat of New Entrants                               
      4. Threat of Substitute Products and Services                                
      5. Competitive Rivalry within the Industry            

    3. Supply Chain Analysis

      1. Raw Material Suppliers
      2. Manufacturers/Producers
      3. Distributors/Retailers/Wholesalers/E-Commerce
      4. End Users      

  8. Dental Sealants Market Leaders' Analysis                                                                  

    1. Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

      1. Overview                                      
      2. Product Analysis                                          
      3. Strategic Evaluation and Operations                                           
      4. Financial analysis                                         
      5. Legal issues                                  
      6. Recent Developments                                 
      7. SWOT analysis                                             
      8. Analyst View                                

    2. 3M
    3. Den-Mat Holdings, LLC
    4. Dentsply Sirona
    5. Dux Industries, Inc.
    6. Tricol Biomedical
    7. Johnson Services, Inc.
    8. Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
    9. Sybron Dental Specialties
    10. Smith & Nephew
    11. Zimmer Biomet
    12. Nobel Biocare Services AG.
    14. Dentsply Sirona Inc
    15. Procter & Gamble
    16. GlaxoSmithKline plc.
    17. DETAX Ettlingen
    18. Ultradent Products Inc.
    19. KaVo Dental

  9. Competitive Landscape                                                                     

    1. Dental Sealants Market share analysis                                                    
    2. Merger and Acquisition Analysis                                                    
    3. Agreements, collaborations and Joint Ventures                                                             
    4. New Product Launches                                                   

  10. Expert Opinions                                                               

    1. Dental Sealants Market Outlook                                                              
    2. Investment Opportunities                                                            

  11. Appendix                                                               

    1. List of Tables                                                     
    2. List of Figures     

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