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Branded School Uniform Market in India

Branded School Uniform Market in India

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  • Published : Jun-2018  |  
  • Region : Asia Pacific  |  
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  • Publisher : Netscribes

School uniforms are a product targeted at a particular section of the society. A growing market for private education and schooling in India is providing growth prospects to this industry. Furthermore, players are also interested in increasing their presence and reach in the market. Large players are readily tying up with retail giants and schools towards increasing visibility. State governments are also creating opportunities for players as they offer uniforms to students in the rural areas. The unorganized market provides a threat to the organized players; however, large players are tapping the opportunities available in the market to increase their revenues and sales.

The report begins with the market overview section which provides an insight into the market and highlights the size and growth. It also offers information regarding the market segmentation.

An analysis of the drivers explains the factors for growth of the industry including growing private school market, growth in organized retail, government initiatives and existence of inferior quality unbranded material. The key challenges include huge unorganized market and escalating input costs. Key trends in the market have been highlighted which include apparel retail giants introducing school uniform brands, use of sophisticated technology and players tying up with schools.

The competition section provides an overview of the competitive landscape in the industry and includes a brief profile of the major domestic players in the market along with their financials.

Page 1: Executive Summary

Market Overview

Page 2: Branded School Uniform Market - Overview, Size & Growth (Value: 2008-10e), Market Segmentation

Drivers & Challenges

Page 3: Summary

Page 4-7: Drivers

Page 8: Challenges


Page 9: Summary - Trends

Page 10-11: Key Trends


Page 12-19: Domestic Players in the Market

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