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Baker and McKenzie LLP Company Profile

Baker and McKenzie LLP Company Profile - Overview, History, SWOT Analysis, Products/Services, Facts, Financials, Key Executives, Competitors, Tech Intelligence, IT Outsourcing, IT Management, Recent Developments and Strategy Evaluation

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Company Overview:

Baker & McKenzie LLP  is a global law firm. The firm operates through 77 offices in 47 countries across Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Latin America and North America.

The firm provides services in diverse law practice areas, including antitrust and competition; banking and finance; capital markets; compliance and investigations; dispute resolution; employment and compensation; environment and climate change; information technology (IT) and communications; intellectual property (IP); international commercial and trade; mergers and acquisitions (M&A); private equity; real estate; restructuring and insolvency; and tax.

Under the antitrust and competition practice area, the firm assists clients in complying with antitrust rules. It serves clients in the areas of antitrust litigation; cartels, investigations and dawn raids; compliance and audits; distribution; dominance / monopolization; merger control and joint ventures; and state aid.

Baker & McKenzie's banking and finance practice group offers advice on acquisition finance, restructuring and insolvency, derivatives, project finance, financial services and regulation, and securitization. The team has more than 670 banking and finance lawyers.

Through capital markets practice area, the firm represents issuers, investment banks, and selling shareholders in equity and debt transactions, including domestic and cross-border initial public offerings (IPOs), debt issuances and programs, and complex, multi-jurisdictional acquisitions and divestitures involving public companies. It has more than 420 capital markets lawyers work collaboratively across 42 countries.

The compliance and investigations practice area offers services that include reviewing and structuring risk management programs for companies and representing clients in large scale internal or regulator-driven investigations in the US, the UK, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

The firm's dispute resolution practice includes more than 850 dispute resolution lawyers based in major financial centers and emerging markets. The firm helps clients through the lifecycle of transactions and product development to minimize exposure to risk and avoid disputes. It also provides advice at every step of the process, including litigation, international arbitration, and alternative dispute resolution.

The employment and compensation practice of the firm has approximately 700 locally qualified lawyers. The firm works with multinational businesses to manage all of their employment needs, from day-to-day human resources requirements to critical global business change projects.

Baker & McKenzie's environment and climate change practice team has more than 300 environment lawyers. It offers advice on traditional environmental law and planning matters, as well as clean and renewable energy markets, waste and biodiversity, and related issues in the agricultural, forestry and fishing industries.

The IT and communications practice area has over 650 lawyers in 47 countries offering advice to providers and users on technology, outsourcing, data privacy, information management, communications and mobility issues. The firm also designs compliance programs to protect critical business interests and using novel structures for new technology offerings.

Baker & McKenzie's intellectual property (IP) practice area has over 400 IP lawyers in 40 countries who offer advice on brand management, brand enforcement, patent litigation, patent prosecution, copyright, IP litigation, trade secrets, IP transactions, tax and IP advisory, and marketing, advertising and promotions.

Through international commercial and trade practice area, the firm advises companies on compliance issues such as anti-corruption, anti-bribery, trade sanctions and export and import controls, as well as commercial contracts, product labelling requirements, product liability and recalls, and sales promotion and marketing rules across multiple countries.

The M&A practice area has approximately 1,300 M&A lawyers who assist clients through all stages of a transaction, from preparing the business for sale or performing due diligence, to negotiating the purchase agreement, coordinating the closing across multiple jurisdictions, and integrating the operations of the resulting business.

Baker & McKenzie's private equity practice has 300 private equity lawyers across the world offering advice on domestic and cross-border buyouts, fund formation, secondary transactions, capital expansion, management equity participation, exit planning and compliance programs.

The real estate practice has over 330 lawyers, who assist institutional and private equity investors, multinationals, banks, hotels and real estate investment trusts (REITs) with their global real estate needs, from buying, selling and leasing property to financing and constructing major projects.

The restructuring and insolvency practice area offers advice on all aspects of restructuring and insolvency, as well as critical tax, employment and corporate issues. The practice also facilitates turnarounds and settlements, helps raise capital to prevent costly defaults, and assists in disposing of or acquiring assets to protect and preserve value.

The tax practice area of the firm employs approximately 950 tax lawyers, economists and advisers in 40 countries, providing advice in global tax policy, transfer pricing, indirect taxes, dispute resolution, and wealth management matters.

Scope of the Report

  • About the Company - Historical Details, Current Ownership Structure and basic overview of Baker and McKenzie LLP in terms of revenue, net income, and operating income.
  • Financials - Details about Baker and McKenzie LLP listing status, annual financial reports (for the past 5 years), key financial highlights and region wise and category wise breakdown of their net revenue.
  • Products / Services - Listing of the company’s entire portfolio along with description of individual products / services providing a clear picture of their target audience.
  • Company SWOT Analysis - Outlines Baker and McKenzie LLP’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities and threats facing the company.
  • Recent Developments - Showcases Baker and McKenzie LLP’s recent developments including mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, collaborations, new product launches, investment and divestment plans.
  • Strategic Evaluation - Provides an overview of Baker and McKenzie LLP’s corporate goals and strategic initiatives and evaluates their outcomes along with outlining any persisting legal issues and outlook of our in-house analyst panel on the particular company.
  • Technology Landscape - Details how the company allocates its IT budget across the core areas of its business, CIO/CTO Profile, Key IT Initiatives and Deals undertaken buy the company at present along with outlook.

Key Questions Answered

  • What domain does Baker and McKenzie LLP operate and what are key points about it?
  • What is the product / service portfolio of Baker and McKenzie LLP?
  • How has Baker and McKenzie LLP performed financially from the 2013?
  • How does Baker and McKenzie LLP rank among its peers in terms of revenue and market share?
  • What are Baker and McKenzie LLP strengths and weaknesses and what opportunities and threats does it face?
  • What are Baker and McKenzie LLP’s main growth strategies and how successful has the company been at implementing them?
  • What is the in-house technical capability of Baker and McKenzie LLP? Where does it procure / outsource it?

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1. About the Company

1.1 History and Basic Facts

1.2 Ownership Structure and Key Executives

1.3 Head Office

1.4 Other Locations & Subsidiaries

1.5 List of Competitors

1.6 Employee Count & Distribution

2. Financials

2.1 Company Type (Listed / Unlisted)

2.2 Annual Statements

2.3 Key Financial Highlights

2.4 Region-wise Breakdown

3. Product / Services

3.1 Overview

3.2 Description

4. SWOT Analysis

4.1 SWOT Overview

4.2 Strengths

4.3 Weaknesses

4.4 Opportunities

4.5 Threats

5. Recent Developments

5.1 Mergers & Acquisitions

5.2 Partnerships, Collaborations & Joint Ventures

5.3 New Product Launches

5.4 Business Expansion / Divestment

6. Strategic Evaluation

6.1 Corporate Strategy

6.2 Legal Issues

6.3 Analyst Outlook

7. Technology Landscape

7.1 Industry

7.1.1 Industry Snapshot

7.1.2 IT Spend

7.1.3 Key Information Technology Trends

7.2 Company

7.2.1 IT Overview

7.2.2 Key IT Technologies

7.2.3 Recent IT Initiatives

7.2.4 IT Outsourcing Engagements

7.2.5 Key IT Management

7.2.6 CIO/CTO Profile


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Fig.1: Company Snapshot

Fig.2: Locations Listing on Map

Table.1: Ownership Structure

Table.2: List of Competitors

Table.3: Annual Statements

Table.4: Key Financial Highlights

Table.5: Region-wise Breakdown

Table.6: Product/Services Overview

Table.7: Mergers & Acquisitions

Table.8: Partnerships, Collaborations & Joint Ventures

Table.9: New Product Launches

Table.10: Business Expansion / Divestment

Table 11: IT Budgets

Table 12: Key IT Management (CIO / CTO)

Table 13: IT Deals undertaken in the past years

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