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Automatic Emergency Braking Market

Automatic Emergency Braking Market Analysis - By Type (High speed AEB systems, Low speed AEB systems, Pedestrian AEB systems), By Vehicle Types (Passenger cars, Commercial vehicles), By Technology (Dynamic brake support, Crash imminent braking, Forward collision warning), By Regions (North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Central & South America, Middle East & Africa), Global Market Size, Growth, Demand Analysis to 2025

  • ID : 38762560  |  
  • Published : Apr-2019  |  
  • Region : Global  |  
  • Pages : 140   |  
  • Publisher : Research Cosmos

Automatic Emergency Braking Market Overview:

The global market for automatic emergency braking, valued at USD 10,511.0 million in 2016, will reach USD 16,731.0 million by 2025, at a compound annual rate of 5.1% in 2017 at 2025.

Automatic Emergency Braking Market Drivers, Challenges and Opportunities:

Emergency braking systems (EBS) have great potential for collision avoidance and mitigation. The basic functions of the EBS are to avoid or at least mitigate a collision with a vehicle in front of a stationary vehicle. This can be done by warning the driver or, if necessary, by braking the vehicle independently. These benefits increase their adoption rate around the world. Increasing consumer awareness, extensive R&D of market players and up-to-date security agency assessments have led to the automatic growth of the emergency braking market. Some of the major automakers have already begun to incorporate basic automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems as standard and other options in their mass market models. Technological advances in image sensing technology and lower camera prices are driving the adoption of car cameras around the world.

However, the costs associated with the manufacture of AEB equipped cars and collision warning systems (CWS) are significant and uncertain, which hampers market growth.

In addition, there is no alternative market for the automatic or autonomous emergency braking system. However, the increasing adoption of driver-assisted advanced systems is expected to create significant growth opportunities for the market.

Automatic Emergency Braking Market Segmentation:

On the technological front, the report describes the global market as Dynamic brake support, Crash imminent braking and Forward collision warning. Of these, the Forward collision warning segment is currently the most preferred autonomous emergency braking technology. The segment accounted for a whopping XX% of the overall market in 2016 and is expected to continue to be the largest contributor to global market turnover over the reporting period. However, it is expected that the segment will lose a lot in terms of market participation at the end of the forecast period.

Automatic Emergency Braking Market Geographic Presence:

Over the forecast period, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to dominate the automotive emergency brake market due to strong passenger car production, growing safety concerns for motorists, and rising disposable revenues, especially the middle-class population in the region.

Top Players Covered in this Automatic Emergency Braking Market Report are:

  • ZF Friedrichshafen AG
  • Daimler AG
  • Continental AG
  • Delphi Automotive PLC
  • Robert Bosch GmbH
  • Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
  • Tesla Motors, Inc.
  • Denso Corporation
  • Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd.
  • Knorr-Bremse AG
  • Mando Corporation
  • Others.

This research report includes following segmentation for the Automatic Emergency Braking Market size and forecast until 2025.

By Type

  • High speed AEB systems
  • Low speed AEB systems
  • Pedestrian AEB systems

By Vehicle Types

  • Passenger cars
  • Commercial vehicles

By Technology

  • Dynamic brake support
  • Crash imminent braking
  • Forward collision warning
  • Others

Automatic Emergency Braking Market Analysis by Regions:

  • North America
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Europe
  • Central & South America
  • Middle East & Africa

  1. Introduction
  2. Research Methodology

    1. Analysis Design

      1. Research Phases
      2. Secondary Research
      3. Primary Research
      4. Expert Validation

    2. Study Timeline

  3. Overview

    1. Executive Summary
    2. Key Inferences
    3. New Developments

  4. Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, and Challenges Analysis (DROC)

    1. Automatic Emergency Braking Market Drivers
    2. Automatic Emergency Braking Market Restraints
    3. Key Challenges
    4. Current Opportunities in the Automatic Emergency Braking Market

  5. Automatic Emergency Braking Market Segmentation

    1. By Type

      1. High speed AEB systems
      2. Low speed AEB systems
      3. Pedestrian AEB systems

    2. By Vehicle types

      1. Passenger cars
      2. Commercial vehicles

    3. By Technology

      1. Dynamic brake support
      2. Crash imminent braking
      3. Forward collision warning
      4. Others

  6. Geographical Analysis

    1. North America

      1. United States
      2. Canada
      3. Mexico

    2. Asia-Pacific

      1. China
      2. India
      3. Japan
      4. South Korea
      5. Australia
      6. Indonesia
      7. Singapore
      8. Rest of Asia-Pacific

    3. Europe

      1. Germany
      2. France
      3. UK
      4. Italy
      5. Spain
      6. Russia
      7. Rest of Europe

    4. Central & South America

      1. Brazil
      2. Argentina
      3. Rest of South America

    5. Middle East & Africa

      1. Saudi Arabia
      2. Turkey
      3. Rest of Middle East & Africa

  7. Strategic Analysis

    1. PESTLE analysis

      1. Political
      2. Economic
      3. Social
      4. Technological
      5. Legal
      6. Environmental

    2. Porter’s five analysis

      1. Bargaining Power of Suppliers
      2. Bargaining Power of Consumers
      3. Threat of New Entrants
      4. Threat of Substitute Products and Services
      5. Competitive Rivalry within the Industry

    3. Supply Chain Analysis

      1. Raw Material Suppliers
      2. Manufacturers/Producers
      3. Distributors/Retailers/Wholesalers/E-Commerce
      4. End Users

  8. Automatic Emergency Braking Market Leaders' Analysis

    1. ZF Friedrichshafen AG

      1. Product Analysis
      2. Strategic Evaluation and Operations
      3. Financial analysis
      4. Legal issues
      5. Recent Developments
      6. SWOT analysis
      7. Analyst View

    2. Daimler AG
    3. Continental AG
    4. Delphi Automotive PLC
    5. Robert Bosch GmbH
    6. Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
    7. Tesla Motors, Inc.
    8. Denso Corporation
    9. Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd.
    10. Knorr-Bremse AG
    11. Mando Corporation
    12. Others.

  9. Competitive Landscape

    1. Automatic Emergency Braking Market share analysis
    2. Merger and Acquisition Analysis
    3. Agreements, collaborations and Joint Ventures
    4. New Product Launches

  10. Expert Opinions

    1. Automatic Emergency Braking Market Outlook
    2. Investment Opportunities

  11. Appendix

    1. List of Tables
    2. List of Figures

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