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3M Company Company Profile

3M Company Company Profile - Overview, History, SWOT Analysis, Products/Services, Facts, Financials, Key Executives, Competitors, Tech Intelligence, IT Outsourcing, IT Management, Recent Developments and Strategy Evaluation

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Company Overview:

3M Company is a diversified global manufacturer and marketer of a wide range of products. The company operates in various locations, including the US, Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), and Asia Pacific. 3M operates 81 manufacturing facilities in 29 states in the US. The company operates 122 manufacturing and converting facilities in 36 countries outside the US.

The company operates through five business segments: Industrial; Safety and Graphics; Health Care; Electronics and Energy; and Consumer.

The Industrial segment serves a range of industrial markets, including automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and automotive aftermarket (auto body shops and retail); electronics; appliance; paper and printing; packaging; food and beverage; and construction. The segment offers a range of products, including tapes; a wide variety of coated and non-woven abrasives, adhesives, advanced ceramics, sealants, specialty materials, filtration products; closure systems for personal hygiene products; and acoustic systems products. It also offers components and products used in the manufacture, repair, and maintenance of automotive, marine, aircraft, and specialty vehicles. 3M also supplies precision grinding technology serving customers in the area of hard-to-grind precision applications in industrial, automotive, aircraft, and cutting tools. 3M develops and produces advanced technical ceramics for demanding applications in the automotive, oil and gas, solar, industrial, electronics and defense industries.

The company also offers major industrial products, including vinyl, polyester, foil, and specialty industrial tapes and adhesives; packaging equipment; conductive, low surface energy, sealants, hot melt, spray, and structural adhesives; reclosable fasteners; label materials for durable goods; and coated, nonwoven, and microstructured surface finishing and grinding abrasives for the industrial market. Through 3M Purification, the company offers various filtration products for the separation, clarification, and purification of fluids and gases. Other products offered by 3M include fluoroelastomers for seals, tubes, and gaskets in engines. Major brands in the segment include Scotch, and 3M VHB. In FY2016, the Industrial segment reported revenues of $10,313 million, which accounted for 33.5% of the company's total revenue.

The transportation products offered by 3M include Acoustic Insulation and components for cabin noise reduction and catalytic converters; functional and decorative graphics; abrasion-resistant films; adhesives; sealants; masking tapes; fasteners and tapes for attaching nameplates, trim, moldings, interior panels and carpeting; coated, nonwoven and microstructured finishing and grinding abrasives; structural adhesives; and other specialty materials. The company also provides paint finishing and detailing products, including a complete system of cleaners, dressings, polishes, waxes, and other products. Thinsulate is a major brand in this segment.

3M's Safety and Graphics segment provides products to increase the safety, security, and productivity of people, facilities, and systems. The company offers personal protection products, such as respiratory, hearing, eye and fall protection equipment; traffic safety and security products, such as border and civil security solutions; commercial solutions, such as commercial graphics sheeting and systems, architectural design solutions for surfaces, and cleaning and protection products for commercial establishments; and roofing granules for asphalt shingles. In FY2016, the Safety and Graphics segment reported revenues of $5,660 million, which accounted for 18.4% of the company's total revenue.

This segment’s products include personal protection products, such as certain disposable and reusable respirators, fall protection equipment, personal protective equipment, head and face protection, body protection, hearing protection and protective eyewear, plus reflective materials that are widely used on apparel, footwear and accessories, enhancing visibility in low-light situations.

3M's traffic safety and security products also include finger, palm, face, and iris biometric systems for governments, law enforcement agencies, and commercial enterprises, in addition to remote people-monitoring technologies used for offender-monitoring applications. In addition, Safety and Graphics segment also provides electronic surveillance products, films that protect against counterfeiting, and reflective materials that are widely used on apparel, footwear and accessories, enhancing visibility in low-light situations. Major commercial graphics products include films, inks, digital signage systems and related products used to produce graphics for vehicles, signs and interior surfaces. Other products include spill-control sorbents; nonwoven abrasive materials for floor maintenance and commercial cleaning; floor matting; and natural and color-coated mineral granules for asphalt shingles.

3M's Health Care segment serves various markets, including medical clinics and hospitals, pharmaceuticals, dental and orthodontic practitioners, health information systems, and food manufacturing and testing. The segment offers products such as medical and surgical supplies, skin health and infection prevention products, inhalation and transdermal drug delivery systems, dental and orthodontic products (oral care), health information systems, and food safety products. In FY2016, the Health Care segment reported revenues of $5,527 million, which accounted for 17.9% of the company's total revenue.

In the medical and surgical areas, 3M supplies medical tapes, dressings, wound closure products, orthopedic casting materials, electrodes and stethoscopes. In infection prevention, the company markets a variety of surgical drapes, masks and preps, as well as sterilization assurance equipment. Other products include drug delivery systems such as metered-dose inhalers, transdermal skin patches, and related components. The dental and orthodontic products offered by the company include restoratives, adhesives, finishing and polishing products, crowns, impression materials, preventive sealants, professional tooth whiteners, prophylaxis, and orthodontic appliances as well as digital workflow solutions to transform traditional impression and analog processes. In health information systems, 3M develops and markets computer software for hospital coding and data classification, and provides related consulting services.

The Electronics and Energy segment serves customers in electronics and energy markets, including solutions that improve the dependability, cost-effectiveness, and performance of electronic devices; electrical products, including infrastructure protection; telecommunications networks, and power generation and distribution. 3M provides products for liquid crystal display (LCD) computer monitors; LCD televisions; hand-held devices such as cellular phones and tablets; notebook personal computers (PCs); and automotive displays. The segment also provides desktop and notebook computer screen filters that address display light control, privacy, and glare reduction needs. The segment's major electronics products also include packaging and interconnection devices; high performance fluids and abrasives used in the manufacture of computer chips, and for cooling electronics and lubricating computer hard disk drives; and high-temperature and display tapes. The segment also includes touch systems products, including touch screens, touch monitors, and touch sensor components. In December 2016, 3M sold the assets of its cathode battery technology out-licensing business.

The segment's energy solutions include electrical, telecommunications, renewable energy, and infrastructure protection products. The segment serves electrical and telecommunications markets, including electrical utilities, electrical construction, maintenance and repair, OEM, telecommunications central office, outside plant and enterprise, as well as aerospace, military, automotive and medical markets. The segment offers products, including pressure sensitive tapes and resins, electrical insulation, a wide array of fiber-optic and copper-based telecommunications systems, as well as the 3M Aluminum Conductor Composite Reinforced (ACCR) electrical power cable. The segment also includes renewable energy component solutions for the solar and wind power industries, as well as infrastructure products solutions that provide municipalities both protection and detection solutions for electrical, oil, natural gas, water, rebar and other infrastructure assets. In FY2016, the Electronics and Energy segment reported revenues of $4,826 million, which accounted for 15.7% of the company's total revenue.

The Consumer segment serves markets such as consumer retail, office retail, office business to business, home improvement, drug and pharmacy retail, and other markets. Products in this segment include office supply products, stationery products, home improvement products (do-it-yourself), home care products, protective material products, certain consumer retail personal safety products, and consumer health care products. Major brands in the segment include: Scotch, Post-it, Command, Scotch-Brite, Scotchgard, O-Cel-O, Nexcare, and ACE. In FY2016, the Consumer segment reported revenues of $4,482 million, which accounted for 14.5% of the company's total revenue.

Geographically, the company classifies its operations into five segments, namely the US, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Latin America and Canada. In FY2016, the US accounted for 40.5% of the company's total revenues, followed by Asia Pacific with 29.4%; Europe, Middle East and Africa with 20.5%, and Latin America and Canada with 9.6%.

Scope of the Report

  • About the Company - Historical Details, Current Ownership Structure and basic overview of 3M Company in terms of revenue, net income, and operating income.
  • Financials - Details about 3M Company listing status, annual financial reports (for the past 5 years), key financial highlights and region wise and category wise breakdown of their net revenue.
  • Products / Services - Listing of the company’s entire portfolio along with description of individual products / services providing a clear picture of their target audience.
  • Company SWOT Analysis - Outlines 3M Company’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities and threats facing the company.
  • Recent Developments - Showcases 3M Company’s recent developments including mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, collaborations, new product launches, investment and divestment plans.
  • Strategic Evaluation - Provides an overview of 3M Company’s corporate goals and strategic initiatives and evaluates their outcomes along with outlining any persisting legal issues and outlook of our in-house analyst panel on the particular company.
  • Technology Landscape - Details how the company allocates its IT budget across the core areas of its business, CIO/CTO Profile, Key IT Initiatives and Deals undertaken buy the company at present along with outlook.

Key Questions Answered

  • What domain does 3M Company operate and what are key points about it?
  • What is the product / service portfolio of 3M Company?
  • How has 3M Company performed financially from the 2013?
  • How does 3M Company rank among its peers in terms of revenue and market share?
  • What are 3M Company strengths and weaknesses and what opportunities and threats does it face?
  • What are 3M Company’s main growth strategies and how successful has the company been at implementing them?
  • What is the in-house technical capability of 3M Company? Where does it procure / outsource it?

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1. About the Company

1.1 History and Basic Facts

1.2 Ownership Structure and Key Executives

1.3 Head Office

1.4 Other Locations & Subsidiaries

1.5 List of Competitors

1.6 Employee Count & Distribution

2. Financials

2.1 Company Type (Listed / Unlisted)

2.2 Annual Statements

2.3 Key Financial Highlights

2.4 Region-wise Breakdown

3. Product / Services

3.1 Overview

3.2 Description

4. SWOT Analysis

4.1 SWOT Overview

4.2 Strengths

4.3 Weaknesses

4.4 Opportunities

4.5 Threats

5. Recent Developments

5.1 Mergers & Acquisitions

5.2 Partnerships, Collaborations & Joint Ventures

5.3 New Product Launches

5.4 Business Expansion / Divestment

6. Strategic Evaluation

6.1 Corporate Strategy

6.2 Legal Issues

6.3 Analyst Outlook

7. Technology Landscape

7.1 Industry

7.1.1 Industry Snapshot

7.1.2 IT Spend

7.1.3 Key Information Technology Trends

7.2 Company

7.2.1 IT Overview

7.2.2 Key IT Technologies

7.2.3 Recent IT Initiatives

7.2.4 IT Outsourcing Engagements

7.2.5 Key IT Management

7.2.6 CIO/CTO Profile


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Fig.1: Company Snapshot

Fig.2: Locations Listing on Map

Table.1: Ownership Structure

Table.2: List of Competitors

Table.3: Annual Statements

Table.4: Key Financial Highlights

Table.5: Region-wise Breakdown

Table.6: Product/Services Overview

Table.7: Mergers & Acquisitions

Table.8: Partnerships, Collaborations & Joint Ventures

Table.9: New Product Launches

Table.10: Business Expansion / Divestment

Table 11: IT Budgets

Table 12: Key IT Management (CIO / CTO)

Table 13: IT Deals undertaken in the past years

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