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3D Printing Metal Market

3D Printing Metal Market Analysis - By Type (Titanium, Nickel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium & Others), By Form (Powder & Filament), By End User (Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Dental & Others), By Region (North America (United States & Canada), Europe (United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Spain, France & Rest of Europe), Asia Pacific (India, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Rest of APAC), Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina & Rest of Latin America), Middle East & Africa) - Industry Size, Share, Trends, Growth Rate & Forecast | 2019 - 2025

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  • Published : Oct-2019  |  
  • Region : Global  |  
  • Pages : 122   |  
  • Publisher : Polaris Market Research

3D Printing Metal Market  Size, Trends & Growth Rate (2019 - 2025)

According to the Research Report, the Global 3D Printing Metal Market  Size is anticipated to reach USD 3.06 billion by 2025 during the forecast period 2019 - 2025.

  • 3D Printing Metal Market is accelerated to have potential growth over the foreseen years.

  • The 3D printing metal joins the layers of each material, which then produces a 3D object and every layer looks like a thinly sliced horizontal cross-section of the object. They make use of 3D printers to design the required type of pattern with prototypes.

  • The 3D printing metals are highly efficient in consuming energy and leaves minimum wastage. These are preferred by many of the industries due to their excellent properties such as flexible designing and high resistance of heat.

  • The 3D printing metals are performing well in the manufacturing of engine parts and airframes in the aerospace industry with almost less/no wastage. North America is expected to lead the global market with the highest shares.

Growth Drivers 

3D printing metals offer great flexibility in designing a complex pattern, which is impacting the positive growth of the market.  In addition, the increasing demand in the aerospace for the need of these manufacturing processes is surging the growth of the 3D Printing Metal Market.

Key Challenges

However, lack of awareness in the utilization of this process in many areas remains a challenging factor in the market. The high cost for installation and maintenance is the main reason limiting the growth of the market.


Emerging advanced technologies in improving the quality of the products and also enhancing fuel efficiency for the vehicles are setting growth opportunities of the market. The 3D printing metals follow strict rules in order to maintain eco-friendly materials is also a chance for the market to grow eventually.

This research report includes the following segmentation for the 3D Printing Metal Market:

3D Printing Metal Market   - By  type

  • Titanium
  • Nickel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Others

3D Printing Metal Market   - By Form

  • Powder
  • Filament

3D Printing Metal Market  - By End-users

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Others.

3D Printing Metal Market  – By Region

  • North America                                               

    • United States                               
    • Canada                                         

  • Europe                                                                                  

    • United Kingdom                                           
    • Germany                                      
    • France                                          
    • Italy                               
    • Spain                                             

  • Asia-Pacific                                                     

    • China                                            
    • India                                             
    • Japan                                            
    • South Korea                                 

  • Latin America                                                                            

    • Brazil                                            
    • Argentina                                     
    • Mexico                                          

  • Middle-East & Africa                                                      

    • Middle-East
    • Africa

North America is expected to lead with the highest shares in the market. The adoption of newer techniques in manufacturing quality products with an easy process that takes less time than projected is fueling the growth of the market in this region. The Asia Pacific is accounted to hold the leading production shares of the market with the increased scale of the automobile industry and increasing applications in the aerospace industry.

Some of the Promising Companies leading the Global 3D Printing Metal Market  Profiled in the Report are:

  1. Renishaw Plc (UK)
  2. Voxelget AG (Germany)
  3. 3D Systems Corporation (US)
  4. Carpenter Technology Corporation (US)
  5. GKN PLC (UK)
  6. EOS GmbH (Germany)
  7. LPW Technology (UK)
  8. Sandvik AB (Sweden)
  9. SLM Solutions GmbH (Germany)
  10. Optomec (US)
  11. Höganäs AB (Sweden)
  12. Concept Laser GmbH (Germany)

Table of Contents

1. Overview and Scope

1.1. Research goal & scope

1.2. Research assumptions

1.3. Research Methodology

1.3.1. Primary data sources

1.3.2. Secondary data sources

1.4. Key take-away

1.5. Stakeholders

2. Executive Summary

2.1. Market Definition

2.2. Market Segmentation

3. 3D Printing Metals Market Insights

3.1. 3D printing metals market segmentation

3.2. 3D printing metals industry value chain & distribution analysis

3.3. 3D printing metals raw material analysis

3.4. 3D printing metals technology outlook

3.5. 3D printing metals market dynamics

3.5.1. 3D printing metals Market driver analysis

3.5.2. 3D printing metals Market restraint/challenges analysis

3.5.3. 3D printing metals Market opportunity analysis

3.6. Industry analysis - Porter's five force

3.7. 3D printing metals market PEST analysis, 2017

3.8. 3D printing metals industry trends

3.9. Competitive company ranking and market share analysis

4. 3D Printing Metals Market Size and Forecast, By State

4.1. Key Findings

4.2. Powder

4.3. Filament

4.4. Others

5. 3D Printing Metals Market Size and Forecast by Metal Type

5.1. Key Findings

5.2. Titanium

5.3. Nickel

5.4. Stainless Steel

5.5. Aluminum

5.6. Others

6. 3D Printing Metals Market Size and Forecast by End-Use Type

6.1. Key Findings

6.2. Medical

6.3. Automotive

6.4. Aerospace & Defence

6.5. Others

7. 3D Printing Metals Market Size and Forecast by Regions

7.1. Key findings

7.2. North America

7.2.1. U.S.

7.2.2. Canada

7.3. Europe

7.3.1. Germany

7.3.2. UK

7.3.3. France

7.4. Asia Pacific

7.4.1. China

7.4.2. India

7.4.3. Japan

7.5. Latin America

7.5.1. Brazil

7.5.2. Mexico

7.6. Middle East & Africa

8. Company Profiles

8.1. 3D Systems Corporation

8.1.1. Overview

8.1.2. Financials

8.1.3. Product Benchmarking

8.1.4. Recent Developments

8.2. Stratasys Ltd.

8.2.1. Overview

8.2.2. Financials

8.2.3. Product Benchmarking

8.2.4. Recent Developments

8.3. Voxeljet AG

8.3.1. Overview

8.3.2. Financials

8.3.3. Product Benchmarking

8.3.4. Recent Developments

8.4. Renishaw PLC

8.4.1. Overview

8.4.2. Financials

8.4.3. Product Benchmarking

8.4.4. Recent Developments

8.5. Sandvik AB

8.5.1. Overview

8.5.2. Financials

8.5.3. Product Benchmarking

8.5.4. Recent Developments

8.6. Titomic Limited

8.6.1. Overview

8.6.2. Financials

8.6.3. Product Benchmarking

8.6.4. Recent Developments

8.7. EOS GmbH Electro Optical Systems

8.7.1. Overview

8.7.2. Financials

8.7.3. Product Benchmarking

8.7.4. Recent Developments

8.8. Materialise NV

8.8.1. Overview

8.8.2. Financials

8.8.3. Product Benchmarking

8.8.4. Recent Developments

8.9. GE Additive

8.9.1. Overview

8.9.2. Financials

8.9.3. Product Benchmarking

8.9.4. Recent Developments

8.10. The Exone Company

8.10.1. Overview

8.10.2. Financials

8.10.3. Product Benchmarking

8.10.4. Recent Developments

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