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Research Cosmos Knowledge Store is a proprietary cloud solution for on demand client requirements. By leveraging the unparalleled publisher network, we have created a cumulative growth structure in our database providing security for the publishers and accessibility for the clients.

We have identified over thousands of niche segments, disruptive technologies & newer applications that influence the market with their high growth rate and huge market potential. Added with the fact that much data is not available on these markets, Knowledge has to be one of our premium offerings that will positively affect your business model and revenue generating routes.

Knowledge Store subscription is available on-demand through a personalized pricing model entirely based on your research needs. In addition to being entirely customizable, the platform boasts of other features such as ease of access, real-time query handling and on demand report generation among others.


A completely database integrated performance engine with novel features enabling you to access your report remotely from the cloud wherever, whenever and however you feel like.

We at Research Cosmos mainly concentrate on 12 major industries, which are further segmented into 100+ sectors. This kind of extensive research depth enables our knowledge store to be one of kind offering which will be a definite value for your money.

Select Industry to see the detailed coverage catered by Research Cosmos.

As part of the Knowledge Store, clients get unlimited access to all our 600 analysts that track - high growth niche markets, newer applications and geographies. These analysts have significant industry connects and leverage insights and competitive knowledge. Our analyst are available to advise on problem statements and draw out more actionable insights from the studies by mapping the relevance to our clients business. The icing on the cake is that this advisory comes without any additional costs.

Few examples where our clients get benefited through this advisory :

  1. A Fortune 500 IT solutions provider achieved 34% growth in Q1-2016. They assessed the global market potential and developed an entry strategy for their digital services.
  2. A leading textiles raw material supplier grew their operating income by 28.9% year-on-year when their Advanced Fiber and Composites division launched a new cooling textile fabric.
  3. The R&D team of a Fortune 500 marine engine manufacturer secured a five year, 12% CAGR increase to their budget to improve their new product development capabilities.
  4. A leading refractory material manufacturer invested US$ 46 million to open a new plant and R&D center in India to address the demand in South-East Asia
  5. A Fortune 500 IT software and solutions firm saw a 14% increase in their revenues over two years after they assessed the global market potential for its cloud and analytics division.
  6. A leading player in smart labels saw a 10% growth in net profits when they implemented a pricing strategy for sensor based packaging in Europe.
  7. A global paint and coating supplier increased its auto OEM paint production capacity in India by 100% to supply an under-served market.
  8. A global lubricant supplier achieves 10% growth in operating profits in the African mining equipment market within 6 months
  9. A nutraceutical products manufacturer realized a net cost savings of 10% by evaluating their source suppliers of natural food flavors and base ingredients.
  10. A Fortune 500 supplier of adhesive solutions achieved a volume growth of 6% YoY in the North America by rolling out a new product targeting the semi-conductor industry.
  11. A major healthcare asset manager grew their revenue by 7% within a year implemented a Go-to-Market strategy across the US and Europe.
  12. A Next-Generation Sequencing player grew 6% in the US market by implementing a more targeted market penetration strategy.
  13. A leading supplier of process instruments grew their revenue by 6% in the US with the support of a solid market entry strategy for their process automation portfolio of products.
  14. A Fortune 500 oxygen system device supplier achieved a 6% increase in revenues in the first year when they introduced a new product targeting commercial aircrafts

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